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W1ck3d M1nd
December 12 2010, 04:12 PM
Being unsatisfied to find a stable world to cw on i went to w6 seeing as how i saw several friends from w88 going there and decided to try it out myself. I didn't cw too often at first since i was part of a ba clan at the time and cwed a game or 2 for a good while, after i left that clan i decided to get back into cw and remained there for a while hopping between 2,6, and 9. Around this point i had come across ppl like Medellin30, gary1007, Radar731, Meric202, Snake Pit6, Uspinemeright, Rockgirl156, Bach12964, Tupac0208, Daddyankee3, Jessi A D, Sweet Dogg1, bobjr 14,Venomspitta, Whitewolf6, Jmang, Sandt and many others. Made friends with some, had some rivalries with a few but it was a decent world.

Me and eric side bi side again <3
That prolly aint my baby i need Maury, im sorry
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