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Alright guys in celebration of Valentines Day on Monday this weeks event will be Valentines themed. The event will still be on Thursday but members will be required to wear red, white, pink, or purple. This applies to both scorers and defenders, whether it be red d'hide for scorers or infinity robes for mages. The torso and legs are the only items that need to meet these requirements so it shouldnt be that hard to find something.


After the usual three games i wanted to change things up for once and will be having a drop party. This drop party will not be huge or anything (so dont expect godswords, spirit shields, or phats to be in the chest...unless someone wishes to contribute one to it). Its just a bunch of items ive been collecting for the past few weeks as well as other stuff the staff has contributed. I figured it was a good idea now that the whole world doesnt show up when theres a drop so it will be just for you guys. So yea i hope everyone enjoys it and if anyone wishes to put anything into the chest go ahead.

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