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CWC SNOWBALL FIGHT and Holiday Celebrations
When? Thursday December 30th at 4pm EST 10pm GMT (yes this replaces the weekly event)
Where? Meeting in Edgeville glory teleport
CC? Sara side (zam side if full)
World? TBA

What exactly are we doing?
We will be having a snowball fight! Snowball fights are very simple and very fun. All you need is an air staff and some mind runes! We will be going into the wildy in a pvp world and moving to the zamorak temple along the mid-west wall of the wilderness. We will say go and everybody will start casting air strike at each other trying to kill one another. Last man standing wins!
-No above head prayer (protect from magic, soul split, smite, ect.)
-No armor other then an air staff
-No food.
-No attack other then air strike

Remember you will be dieing so don't bring anything but an air staff and mind runes.

After the winner wins, we will hop back to a normal world and conduct our annual short parade and then have a holiday picture taken.

After that then.. we could play some cw games but it won't be that orginized.


Q: Should we spread the word or keep this a cwc only event
A: i would say keep it close.. if 1 person who doesnt like us comes in with pking gear, it would ruin everybody's chances
(also if you have any ideas we would be glad to hear them =] )
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