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Bossy Bewts
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December 14 2010, 04:10 AM
Bossy Bewts
December 14 2010, 01:12 AM
I don't recall if i did a history or not, hmm let's see, i started because of ladywarriort in 05 (best friend irl) she took me upstairs to the castle and said don't move, she didn't tell me then that i was suppose to stop the other team from grabbing the flag, i decided one time to venture out of the castle and i got killed every single time i went there and people made a game of how many times they could kill my low char instead of actually getting our flag, i seen people like tz, free yews iscream3 evil all the time and i wanted to be a high level like them so each day i'd gain 3 cmb levels then it became a competiton between me and tz to get our cmb levels up..and NOBODY told me that i was suppose to save my cw tix until tz one day yelled and me..so it was then i decided to try and become serious and started being brave enough to score in dhide..was pretty good at it too, then we decided to form s4l..i can't even recall how long we had it up and running, but disagreements between leaders forced us to close,then i started playing with the latenight crew, cordy, saia, burger, moto and ice..and i got the name bossy bewts from a lil guy whom i wouldn't give the flag to..I was also in cwo, met some cool peeps, left there, then actually joined cwg, one of the clans that actually hated S4L, but i had a good time in there because the members were actually fun as hell and that's when i can honestly say i learned to be come more serious about cw's, them guys taught me a good game...left there because teb was a noob.and we reopened S4L after awhile, had some AWESOME members the second time around..It closed again after a few short months because i worked every weekend and if i couldn't be there i couldn't expect my members to be there..I don't regret any time i spent playing cw because i met some of the most awesome people, now it's been about 2 and 1/2 years since i played cw...so that's my story and i'm sticking to it..like i said i forgot if i did one of these and i didn't feel like going back through 25ish pages just to see if i did
i dont remember us having a cmb race (well i remember you somehow gained levels really fast and one day you showed up alot higher then me) and i didnt know i was the one who told you to keep your tickets lol good read tho
Lol, i recall when you organized my bank for me and asked where my tix were and when i said i just dropped them..you gave me the "evil" rs eyes -.- and called me a noob..so that's when i started saving them...
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