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going to re-do mine as the first one was pretty much just a bsed one and my memory sucks, so sorry if i forget anyone :0

i started when cw literly came out (my half-brother and i shared an account "Preditor101" and ofc he hogged most of time cus i started playing rs when i was 9 yrs old) and ofc i wouldn't know anything bout cw and would just run to get flag and run back, as well as always go on sara because i liked the color blue. (didn't really care bout barricades or explosives or little did i know what they did)
I later came back (believe it was 05-06ish) on my own account "meric202" and began cwing it up on there pimpin it out with my blue d hide in w12, i later then left w12 cus it sucked and was boring with little people.
I left to world 6 and began playing with people such as : Brian405, Sir Tenure, Dylanj, Nightleopard, Gaomaster, Nar , Geoff, God__Amen, David D87,No1s Perfect, Prince Aziel(lots others but i can't name off tip of my tongue)(and i pretty sure they all weren't all w6)
most people would flame me because i'd get flag all the time and i'd be excited when i got it , little did know it was IP that was behind the whole deal and later found that out barley in 08-09( I literally thought it was my clicking skills i got from picking up flax really fast)
I also met tons of other people in later generations of w6 as i stayed there, and the legends left for the clans(which i didn't know existed since i was a clueless lil kid:D ) and other better cwing worlds

People i later met in generations of w6 as well as themed worlds i left to due to w6 dieing ( 166 , 24 , 82 ): Uspinmeright , Hawkhunters3, Gxgogeta , Raidar60, W1ck3d M1nd, Tuan Nguyen, Heinered , Mickey17390?, Serloinsteak , Ew , Tupac0208 , Whitewolf , Venomspitta , Dylan2729 , Tbone , Sweet Dogg , Kc2693 , Medellin30 , Rockgirl456 , Dcstats , Arvin , Da Oximoron , Sandt , Silversid , Snake pit , Totti , Acid T, Davidd 1000, Cami(Sorry if i didn't list u cud go on and on :})

and yes i was a flamer when i cwed cus i thought i was the shit and all and didn't like people dissin my friends(i also got perm muted several times for it but now im free :D)(but then again everyone flamed at some point that the same so :}) and i'm much different now adays

i then later decided to join a clan when i learned about there existance and everybody else seemed to be joining one and i said why not?! And i began my first app. to CWT , i didn't get in fully because i cut off my trial due to people saying i wasn't going to get in cus of my flaming/people jus didn't like me and i said "well fuck them then" :}...

that led to the birth of the first run of Castle War Superiors (practically w6 clan) when i joint together with Snake Pit6 on the idea of creating a clan cus we couldn't get in any due to bad reps. At the same time period Mannie was making DL along with sport and he trolled my IRC chan cus , well i was a newbie and the clan stuff , but i still luv him(no homo) for it cus he gave me tips as well as sport gave me a siggy and stuff :]

I also ran into my first clan leader fight vs Rob :}.... because most of his members i was stealing to join my clan(sory rob stil luv u)

The clan was on a good run ( atleast in my opinion we were doing pretty well off) we warred jointly with cwh vs ecw (thought it exciting being my first war :}),as well as getting some offers from God__Amen to war cwf, but my clan was to skerd to so i said okay we won't.

I later had to close the clan because more than half were leaving/going to be inactive due to school so we decided to call it quits.
Later again that summer that followed up we reopened ( this time with kat as my partner in crime) and went sort of "meh" as we passed by getting alot more wars this time around, but we have to close yet again due to inactiveness and all the inside clan drama :}..
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