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Hm, I have no pictures from the old says, cause they're all on my old computer which is in a trash pile somewhere in the pacific. My old runescape name was Batterup87 if any of you remember that!

Anyways I first played castle wars in 2006, in w64 at the time, since it was my auto world. I was a noob back in the day, lvl 80 or something, and I really just enjoyed pking other ppl in the game, i never really got into the goal of the game until later. I played a lot, cause I think I recently got my whip or something, and I hated the wildy cause I was poor, so cw was perfect right ! I gained around 600 or so tickets in a few months, and I got the nifty gold legs. I took quite a break from cwing after that, mainly to train and do quests! I came back in late 2007 early 2008, with a more powerful account, level 120 or so at the time. This was when i got into pking the flag ppl, and scoring.

I tended to play in w45/31, and I met some new friends like Mr roboto3, Xing100, Gokusa321, Scrplyr449, 1x tobi x1, David d87(l0l), Naruto Hd, geoff1370, afghan tank, yzerm1 and more. They taught me how to play properly, and i was trained as a pk def, one that pks really well. some of the best moments we're k0ing tobi over and over. Was around this time that I joined ucw(the very first version). I cant remember much about the wars(whether we won or lost) but I do remember we warred cwj/cwt/cwf/cwh the most. Probably the most memorable moment was when tobi/scr and me tried to defende fitbabe and......some lvl 138 whose name started with a B, can't remember his name though....Anyways, we held them to 0, and I beasted in the match, specing 80's and 1 90 with my ags, which was amazing back then. Thats actually how I met fitbabe, and became good friends with him later in cwl.

Little did I know at the time, but the ip I played on was 200.78, which was good, was dividable by 8. The comp I played on for wars had a very good net too, so in ucw I was known for getting flag drops. Sadly I couldn't play on this comp a whole lot, and my home net was like 71.111. But, fortunes be with me, there was a terrible storm in late 2008 where I lived, and the power was out for a week. By this time I knew what a good ip was, and my ip was very static, I would leave my modem off for hours and it wouldn't change. With this storm, my ip changed ! to what? an amazing 136.8! Only a few ppl in the game know iped me! By this time there was themed worlds, and I iped pretty hard in w24/82. Usually hawaii84, acid t, miner8555, rrheijen, and piece of god were the culprits to beat me !

Anyways, was in ucw for a long time, was good fun, bein chased out of some worlds by the cwg boys, learning about ip and such. Then ucw closed, and I was clanless for a time, I took this little time to max out in cmb, and make my account pretty wealthy.

In may of 2009, my old friend Naruto Hd asked me to join a new clan that was being formed, exiled castle wars! I gladely accepted as I was eager to cw again, and I got auto'd in the next day. A lot of my old friends were in this clan, scrplyr, yzerm, tobi, so it was good fun. I throughly enjoyed the events and wars we had, I was one of those people who would look forward to the events. The CWC summer tourny was starting soon after that, and probably the most memorable moment, was in the semifinals or something, finals Idk, against cwl! We were quite the underdog, cwl had become quite the dominate clan at the time, with a very good and good ip squad. Kmd, drunk1346, teale, and fitbabe scoring, that was 3 .0's and whatever dave's ip was, and we had practically no ip on defense. But we fought through it, and got the miraculous tie! Probably the biggest upset in any war I had ever played in. Of course in the rematch we got destroyed, but it was still a great tie.

Ecw soon closed after that, as shorty had to do somethin, that silly goose idk. Anyways after it closed I headed over to cwl. No one in the clan knew me, I was just a random guy looking to join what I thought to be the best clan at the time. I think I had the longest trial to record, 2 months or something, then I finally got accepted. But, as a scorer not a pker. This was a turning point in cws for me, after the loss against cwl in the tourny, I realised how fun scoring could be, and how useless my pking was against melee prayer players like teale. Cwl wasnt impressed with my pking like other clans had been, but when I tried scoring they said I had potential and decided to let me join.

Cwl was by far the best clan I had ever been in, the friends I made; skate, robin, kmd, will, dave, rob, cordy, miles(acehole69), westy, jayme, pog, drummie, dsaj, td12, lori, jaytc, , andy,michi. Was a great group. End of 2009 and early 2010 were my happiest cwing times by far. The winter tourny we dominate, the events, learning how to score with the best, was good times.

After robin and skate quit, things changed a little, some new members helped that along. But cwl had changed since I joined, and I decided it was time to move on. I headed to the new form of ecw, was kind of eh, soon after I joined some people that I hated joined, and due to schedule issues I decided to leave there, as it was nothing like the old ecw! Recently joined divine legends, despite some hate I had towards them in the past, Ive met some new friends there. And here we are today!

sorry its kinda long but there ya go
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