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n 33b

hmm.... started rs in 2002, traded a red mask for a goblin mail, found cw in 06 but thought it was shit at first, after a while i started really enjoying it late 06 early 07, i was a w84 prod with blue d hide, ppl who i played with were ppl such as 9xu, bronzeberg, viet master, zaroc pkz, tdmiska, leigh link and many more, i was pretty determined to do well, and eventually joined my first cw clan in 09...cwd led by xdeathgodzx(it was shit) we lasted about one war before losing idk 10-0 to cwt, i then joined cwp, a great clan, some rly cool ppl in there, and made new friends, i quit cwp because of exams and because events were to late for me. i then joined cwl with alot of my old friends playing in the clan, i allways looked up to bronzeberg back when i was a n33b in w84/166 and tried to be like him, maybe one day i will be :-)(nvm`d!!!!l0l0l)
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