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Started CW on the first day it came out in the original world of cw which was 69, 53 days after, i joined in with w66, Founded by Dj Jwp And Jamezzz3000.

I would consider myself (accounting a few other people) to be the godfather of that world i guess.

The people i remember the most would be the w66er's.
Kg-ZR-Ice-Moto-Saia (by lover)- Kyle- Cordy-Shen-Marco-Kendo-The two i mentioned that founded w66- and many others.

Only clan was Cwl, back in 05, When IP finally came found out i was static i couldn't do much, so i decided to just quit in 07 with Saia after alching a full gold set with him, Ever since then, never looked on returning, until my friend told me one day, happy early christmas present, came to see an account with 600m on it, so i'm back until i feel the time for retiring returns, for now ill meet all the new 07-10 cwer's meet and say hi, Names Marc.

Hopefully if you remember me, which ive seen alot of your already, we'll catch up.
They told me I was awful and that shit did not phase me. Tell me how I suck again? My memory is hazy.

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