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imm scared
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started cwing in world 100 in 2006 ( i think ) cant really remember the names but was some1 called dark omen44 or something like that, after that i started to try find a diff world and logged in 84 & from then on that was my home, sometimes id go to 24 too but mainly 84, all i did on rs was cw, i didnt know way to fally from lumby etc, hated quests n skills, cwed there and had the 2nd best ip for quite a long time, we used to flame a lot with w71 which was the main world for cwl back then i think, we wared them a few times and lost every time but we didnt give up, i remeber specing a 31-31 at top of base as they was about to score and i got the flag and it felt so good, i iped most of them except tom edden & jay tc, after a bit i joined cwl but dont think i was there for very long, kept trying to quit but kept coming back, i got bored after a while and decided to make a tank cw/pker called imm scared, after a bit w84 died and people started going to a diff world, think it was w83 or something and 84 was empty, after everyone went to 83 that died eventually too, then i started cwing in 166 on imm scared and sometimes glitching games when i got bored, thats all i can remember atm
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