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Still a noodle :3

December 5 2010, 03:57 PM
December 5 2010, 03:47 PM
personally i think we shouldnt have an event every week, that's kind of treating cwc as a clan instead of a community.. I think the very minimum would be every fortnight for cw.

As for non cw events should be every once in awhile like once a month or every 2, only reason because if it always happens it'll start to die out as theres only so much to do on runescape.

but who cares what a noodle thinks !run

I do. :happy2:

And thats a good suggestion, but i think the difference between this and a clan is.. first of all you dont have to come, and theres nobody breathing down your neck, and theres a lot more people (hopefully) then at clan events. But i do see your point.. there is only so much to do but i think some non-cw things are a lot more fun then some people think. And if we are only having like 2 different things a month, but by the time we have to start doing things over again.. people would have forgot or wanted to do it again because it was fun. And after events we will have feedback to see if we ever want to revisit that :cheer2:

But yeah, the bored out factor is a big issue. But then its up to me and xiga to make it fun again !run !run
I know you have the choice of coming or not, that'll probably be why its better to spread the events out, after awhile the turn up will get less and less because of that reason. Whereas if events were a little more rare it would be more of a reason to show up.

I do quite alot of the other minigames on RuneScape aswell, such as Trouble Brewing which no one really likes lol.. and yeah I agree that there are things that are more fun, but if its a every week of another event after another - this i'm not too sure about. I can see it happening once a month but idk


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