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After yesterdays clear results of no events on Saturdays or Sundays from 12 est to 6pm EST, an idea was brought up. This idea is based on Thursdays event time which is very much more appealing to our Euro members than those who live in the U.S. The Idea is to have a Saturday event at 8 Pm EST. Now I do realize this means it would be 1 Am GMT, but as much as this is inconvenient for our Euro members, Thursday is the opposite, so it's balanced that there's an event time appealing for both majorities of the community.

The second idea would be a roundabout between events being Castle wars and other things that arn't. A rotation cycle would be implemented, rotating which event time has Cw and which has Non-CW. Basically one week the Thursday time would be Castle wars and that same week the Saturday event would be non-cw. The next week Thursday would be non-cw and Saturday would become the Cw event. This would make it so both time zones would be able to have both Cw events and Non-cw, so people who want some Non-cw once and a while, but can't make it to the Saturday event, can do so.

Also.. the Saturday event could possibly go to Sunday if people find that more convenient. But then there is pretty much no chance any Euro members will attend. Since a lot of people stay up past 1 anyways on a Saturday night.

If you live in a Euro time, please do not rant (about the Event time). Euro events are on Thursdays and now we are trying to make an event more appealing to U.S. members.

This thread IS conclusive. If the Saturday event at 8pm is well liked, it will be implemented. You can vote twice, so pick your 2 opinions.

The comments on this thread are only for constructive feedback. If your just going to post a picture of a facepalm or something that has to do with nothing or something else stupid.. its going to be deleted.

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