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4|14 Sat/06:55:14 PM 04| <15+kbtennis> ^that was a pointless thread katy
04|14 Sat/06:55:24 PM 04| <13+KatyPerry> i didnt make it..
04|14 Sat/06:55:26 PM 04| <15+kbtennis> just guna get people all mixed up
04|14 Sat/06:55:33 PM 04| <15+kbtennis> but your advertising it
04|14 Sat/07:07:12 PM 04| <15+kbtennis> gl
04|14 Sat/07:08:10 PM 04| <15+kbtennis> ok i quit

he couldn't handle bein event manager guys
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