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December 4 2010, 06:34 PM
we don't have to have these events. this is only to see if people are willing to come and if they are what would be the best time.

and not every clan has a war on the weekends.

we are still having an event every Thursday though.

give kb a break hes just trying to come up with new ideas seeing as we rarely have events anymore let alone people doing stuff together rather then getting together and having a flame fest.

if anyone has any ideas please feel free to pm one of us on irc

-xig(ecw channel)
-kbtennis (idk)
Thanks !run

But honestly we could just start blabbing out event times and places and if you cant make it then dont come, and if you can then feel free to come.

This is for y'all, i just wanted to know a good time instead of trying to make up random things.
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