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Castle Wars, the great and fun minigame we all enjoy, was first released by Jagex in December of 2004. Clearly, the way the game is played today, is much different then it was played then. Even then, some of the best games and memories of players who have been in the community long enough, occured in what is known as the "old-school cw" era. This event is to honor those times, through an attempt to recreate it.

When:Today, Sunday Nov 21st
Time:6pm Eastern



This means, you should wear..

Top + Bottom armor: Black dhide/karils & barrows for tank gear.
Shield Slot: Mage's book/crystal shield/rune defender/(dfs was hard to afford back then, so this is optional)
Weapons: whip/dds/seercull/crystal bow for weapon.

Example of Scoring Gear
Posted Image

Example of Mage Def Gear
Posted Image

Example of Pk Def Gear
Posted Image

Any Godwars related gear such as: Godswords & Armadyl (Zgs is allowed)
Extreme Potions/Overloads
Brews - Even though it existed back then, this is an event not a war.
Dung Weapons/armor
Castle Wars armor

Use Castle Wars Bracelets
Zgs (the only GWD item allowed)
Use Curses (optional)

For those who really want to get into the spirit of the theme, then you can also get off curses and use regular prayers. But this is optional.
Furthermore, mages can choose to use ancient staff, as back in the day, this is the only staff you could autocast with (also optional)


Ventrilo:CWC VENT
Hostname: voice.gameservers.com
Port: 4531
Pass: cwc

Clan Chat: Sara_Side & Zam_Side
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