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Okay soo...when I first play cws, I was in world97<my home world> we had some kind of clan going on but we never made one cuz all of use were all friends. I used to play with the following:

Col Mitchel
Matrix1(I think)
Biker...iforgot the number after his name.
Rob da dawg
and so much more....just forgot about them..

But anyways, some quit so, I decided to go to other worlds to play cws which I knew more about cws.
I used to go to W6 because I wanted to get away from the w97 drama, and I met new friends (I don't memorize their names but if I see them I can prolly recognize them but with all this rsn changes I prolly wouldn't know which is who) but I quit going there. I quit for a little then my cousin wanted to play on my acc since his acc has hella low stats. So he joined war clans with it.

Idk rly when exactly I came back playing rs again...when I came back I decided to buy cws gear and joined cwh but they closed idk why so I decided to quit again. Then came back again then I played every night in cws hopped worlds to find competative ppl to play with I was more often in w24.
Then I quit again ROFL (ikr I quit a lot) I came back again joined cwh again with loon ruler and richard leading. I played cws more often then. Then yes! U guessed it! I quit again rofl... then my cousin took over again..I came back again O_o then gao asked me to join cwl and I tot why not so I joined, omgomgomg on my opinion cwl is the best clan everrr! But yaa...I didn't make it since I had no time, I'm always busy irl and I need cash.
Oh shet! I forgot about the IP thingy, and the door open n closing hahaa....

Sooo now....I just play ba and skill! Still attempting to make money tho so I can buy cw things so I can join cwl again C:

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