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John Cena

i havent played cw competively for a long time but ill go through my history

my first homeworld was w100 because cw there was pretty fun and exciting and ther was a good competition. round early 06 i met lonelyloser3 and another guy called kanubella...they didnt like each other that much and they had a big rivalry in cw. if they were on the same team kanu would even try make them lose so lonelyloser wouldnt get any tix lol.

i also met jakev and his little friend heyya...me and kanu used to have 2v2s with them in w100 and they were pretty intense. me and jake had a big rivalry but we eventually became friends :)

other players i met in there included gaomaster, cooleoe, lady redwine, gods hybrid and lots of others i forgot =p. gao formed team gao (which i named) which was just a group of players but he turned it into a clan.

later lonelyloser and jakev joined cwg and asked me to app so i did on Nov 26 2006, 10:34 PM http://z10.invisionfree.com/castlewars_greatest/index.php?showtopic=82 i got accepted and thats where clans really started for me.

the first cwg closed in a couple months but videogamers and victor re opened it. this was my favourite peroid of cw. games in w129 wer amazing and you were pretty much guarenteed a good game every game...I impressed victor and he decided to give me council which i happily accepted. this will always my favourite peroid of cw =p

but in aug 07 everythin changed...victor and faint had an arguement so faint left but victor left too and they re opened c_W which i still dont fully understand to this day. i stayed in cwg for abit but faint eventually persuaded me to join c_w and even gave me council there too. i only joined cuz i thought cwg was gonna die. to rub it in even more draco told me he would of gave me leader in cwg if i stayed seeing i was the only council member left in cwg...but in the end im happy with the decision i made because i got to know faint better and hes a the greatest friend u can ever have =]

from then i been in few different clans but after time i lost intrest in playin in wars and stuff and rarely play serious anymore.

im kinda unknown now but i was bored so i typed dis =p

the ppl who i enjoyed playin most with were:

lady redwine
XPLO how could i forget him..

and then everyone in 129
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