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In 2006 I started runescape and when. Got to lvl 63 I became p2p and reason why was because of castlewars :D. I played with in w2 and w6 and w9(some names aren't full) hawaii84, sirloinsteak, diviranger1, assasiin089, pipequeakpres, Dylan/daz, isutan, sir nos lot, tupac, nh, neutron, d4l luis, r1de 2lumby,anamarion, free yews, magic (the dude with .0 supposbly), and more but I forgot their names. The people I watched playing was salazar, emerica, azn girl (or w/e her name is, she had a sister) Yemen, camowolf (I think), scythersword, robin48, digeofjardo, i own u4ev, Bach, hit orange, lemon1333,silverside, I pked I (i think), duffman, star3urst, dynamic, kuarma, and a couple more but I forgot lol. First castle war videos I watched was a video from YouTube by Jardine cws vs cwa I think. My YouTube account name was "castlewarvideos" but I deleted it.... But yeh this was all in 2006-2007. I cwed in w2 & w6 & w9 but rarely & w24 & w100 (this is where I started liking cw) & w36 rarely.

Shoutout! Isutan w2 or w6|sirloinsteak w2|hawaii84 w2 &w24|tupac w6|neutron N/A|magic (.0) N/A|Dylan/daz (goodluck mabe next time) w2 & w24|Son Tien w2 & w6|sir nos lot N/A|r1de 2lumby w6|to the rest of the old school cwers.
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