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August 26 2010, 09:47 PM
My homeworld was 36 for ages, eventually got recruited to Crusade Warriors in summer of 2006 by ladysman375(think that his #'s) & assassin985.

Friends in 1st Crusade Warriors:
cj simpson & tang05(who nicknamed me cordy btw, it stuck a whoppin 4 years) cjvegas, faint, ssj4trunks09, ladysman375, assassin985, weee240, poison buney, angela8, v_ctor, streetz52(he started loafer, i continued it!), wobblercon, black10122, death crash0, jrclacrosse3, dolfan73, brando282, motorider66, mootboot, duragonoth, pyroknife805, kajemaki, dube050501,byob118 Cant member rest!

My first capped war with CW, Oct 20th, 2006, 6:30 est vs SF(Shadows Fury) Our lineup:
People going: Assasin985, Faint666, Ssjtrunks09, Streetz, himm666, Cordero8, Chaos###, World599, phoung5,greg999
Our Plan: Silly Def!
Posted Image
Needless to say I was very excited after we won, couldn't find the scores.

I stayed in Crusade Warriors a long while, learning from one of the best to ever cw, Faint! Crusade Warriors was a great success we were the best around,

CW always was dominate. After a while V_Ct0r ditched CW to create the first CWG, which made all clans look silly, except CW. We had never warred them, but on Feb 24th 2007 we got the chance, it was CWO+SR(shadows Retribution)+CW vs CWG scores were 0-0, 1-1, 0-0. Faint was the hero second game, picking the flag and scoring it, he was the best back then! I couldn't make the 2nd & 3rd game beings it was my birthday party, I had to ditch(how lame) so ya lol. Anyways after CWG got their first TIE ever! They decided to close, and thats when CW got flooded with new members such as:
Dracobringer Videogamers0 Airjaytoo Battered(i think) Iownyou4life ppa2k20 rockkrock to name a few, can't think of them all !

was a good read tbh
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