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August 26 2010, 09:47 PM
My homeworld was 36 for ages, eventually got recruited to Crusade Warriors in summer of 2006 by ladysman375(think that his #'s) & assassin985.

Friends in 1st Crusade Warriors:
cj simpson & tang05(who nicknamed me cordy btw, it stuck a whoppin 4 years) cjvegas, faint, ssj4trunks09, ladysman375, assassin985, weee240, poison buney, angela8, v_ctor, streetz52(he started loafer, i continued it!), wobblercon, black10122, death crash0, jrclacrosse3, dolfan73, brando282, motorider66, mootboot, duragonoth, pyroknife805, kajemaki, dube050501,byob118 Cant member rest!

My first capped war with CW, Oct 20th, 2006, 6:30 est vs SF(Shadows Fury) Our lineup:
People going: Assasin985, Faint666, Ssjtrunks09, Streetz, himm666, Cordero8, Chaos###, World599, phoung5,greg999
Our Plan: Silly Def!
Posted Image
Needless to say I was very excited after we won, couldn't find the scores.

I stayed in Crusade Warriors a long while, learning from one of the best to ever cw, Faint! Crusade Warriors was a great success we were the best around,

CW always was dominate. After a while V_Ct0r ditched CW to create the first CWG, which made all clans look silly, except CW. We had never warred them, but on Feb 24th 2007 we got the chance, it was CWO+SR(shadows Retribution)+CW vs CWG scores were 0-0, 1-1, 0-0. Faint was the hero second game, picking the flag and scoring it, he was the best back then! I couldn't make the 2nd & 3rd game beings it was my birthday party, I had to ditch(how lame) so ya lol. Anyways after CWG got their first TIE ever! They decided to close, and thats when CW got flooded with new members such as:
Dracobringer Videogamers0 Airjaytoo Battered(i think) Iownyou4life ppa2k20 rockkrock to name a few, can't think of them all !

It was obvious now CW was the best clan again, without a doubt. However, disagreements between Faint & V_ct0r started yet again, and about a month went by before V_Ct0r left again to re- create CWG for the second time. I felt like I was getting better as a Cw'er and since I had the req's to join CWG this time around, I wanted to progress further and join the greatest. So I went along with V_ct0r.

My App:
Runescape name:Cordero8
Stats:93att 90str 87def 92hp
Amount of CW tickets:1800+
Who recommended you to the clan?Every1
Around what time do you usually play cw?whenever im on less i pkin
Person you PMed in game(either dirk389 or v_ct0r): werent on so i asked dirky like 10mins ago dat count?

11 minutes later V_Ct0r posted autoing me in. I was estatic to be apart of the Greatest Cw clan ever.

After I had joined, it kind of sunk in that I just betrayed Faint, and I felt horrible. He didn't even talk to me for a while he was so upset with me. Later that day or the next few days(can't member exactly) Crusade Warriors did close. CWG went on to win wars as usual, with no signs of slowing down, beating everyone we played with ease.

After 2 months of beating every clan that opposed us, wars stopped coming in. Which lead to me quitting CWG for the first time on May 13th. After, I app'd to CWM it was the new w36 clan. However, I couldn't be away from CWG that long, applying back to CWG May 15th lol.

It was April and I was now a w65 regular, because when CW closed w36 died, badly. So I met Saiathegreat in world 9 one night, and he said to play in world 65 sometime. So I did just that, next day I met all kinds of new friends such as: Dracobringer, Motomangum3, Saiathegreat & Ice__Dr4g0n. Later proclaiming ourselves as, The Night Crew!
Posted Image

Later on in world 65 I met others such as: Kuramarhs, Squeezle Bee, Burnkate, Sord619, Beast2456, Bball rules21, Davidveth, and last, but certainly not least, my soon to be best friend and future beast of Castlewars Shenron 13.

After playing in 65 so much and getting to know everyone I wanted to join their Cw Team (CWC) Which I was allowed to do without quitting CWG, because it was just a team. So they didn't care. I played in 1 war with them against a forum cw clan, Avenged KG was the leader I think. We won too! Then it closed a week or so after I think.

August 16th, there was apparently a fued between Mack and V_ct0r in Cwg. It was pretty lame excuse to quit, but V_Ct0r did anyway and it wasn't long before he was now wanting to Re-open Crusade Warriors. When this happened CWG suffered a HUGE loss in players with around 12 CWG players apping to Crusade Warriors within the first 24 hours. With me being 1 of these 12 quitting CWG for Crusade Warriors, it wasn't but another day or two before Videogamers and I decided to take a stand to save CWG. We devised a chain quit of Crusade Warriors to bring 5-6 people back to CWG. Video and I received council upon our arrival back to CWG to help re-build it from scratch. We had around 10 active members. So our first thought is recruit friends, We recruited, The Night Crew to CWG, they all came willingly to help Draco and I. Then I saw great potential in Shenron after playing with him so much I knew how good he was and how good he could be! Shenron came willingly as well. In as little as a week we had re-built the dying CWG and were ready to compete yet again. On September 8th, 2007, We made our debut war after struggling for a couple weeks. It was against CWV, and was crashed horribley by everyone who wanted a war with us, which consisted of CW, CWL, and CWF. We won in 2 games though. CWG was back at the top and nowhere near ready to back down to Crusade Warriors.

After a few more months of wars and beating the likes of CWL and CWE, CWG was back on track with an active memberlist and very good members. I resigned from CWG on September 26th 2007, for the reason of wanting to be with my w36 friends and my home clan again. I had helped rebuild CWG strong and a Crusade Warrior's only dream was to beat CWG to be #1, so I set out to hopefully complete this goal with my good buddy Faint666 & company in CW. I was accepted into CW the following day.

On November 3rd, 2007, I resigned from CW for two reasons one being, because Matthew Hockley asked me to join 100% CW(the first one), to help out his up and coming clan. It was fun while I was there, stayed for 1 war, we destroyed some clan, forgot who now, but after that war I left since they were in good shape. The other reason being that day we had just lost to CWG in the full out war of all full out wars. The games were intense at 0-0 0-0 and 1-0 CWG. They scored by Matt Hockley getting it to spawn(he was
was a good read tbh
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