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some people are just born with tragedy in their blood

April 30 2010, 09:25 PM
At 1st i never had a homeworld cos i didnt rly speak to any1 on rs at 1st, the only 2 ppl i rly spoke 2regulary were pete's (battered0) sister and rishi cos id known them for like 3 yrs previously, so one day i was home sick from skool and i went on rs and i saw battered0 logged in so im like yo wtf y u not at skool and they replied saying it wasnt who i thought it was, it was her brother (pete) cos it was his account so we started talkn and he started playn more and we made friends too

So then rishi introduced me and bat to a guy he knew and we were all gd rs friends and we that guy introduced us to rang3rlif3 (pascal) who then became friends with all of us and we did everything together on like paltalk/teamspeak and rs for the lulz but rang3rlif3 had a homeworld 27 which he used 2 play castlewars there so 1 day he invited bat 2 play there with him and he went, and then he started using that as his hw too

Eventually i started going to world 27 as well cos those 2 were both using it but rishi couldnt cos he lagged or sumthing der so he used 2 go to world 82 or 24 or sumthing and i started cwing der with bat and rang3rlif3 and i met all the w27ers liek grivous615, outdrsman2, laser907, beeper2s_bro, angelito_13, dsgames2003, enzo350z, sangox, sosolid2k, airjaytoo and sum others that u wouldnt hav heard of

I had no idea wat i was doing back then anyway so id just run around with burst or sumthing idk but we used 2 go and raid other worlds and rape them in cw and then every1 would flame each other and stuff, but other worlds world come 2 world 27 sumtimes like w89 so like philip came on his other account deadmanx80 and i thought he was a i like boysgot

Then i started 2 play cw moar and moar and i was getting better and stuff but i only had like 200 tickets by the time teb869, who was a leader of cwg b4, started playn agen and he was scouting round w27 and i ended up 1v1ing him and i won so hes like yo do u no cwg and im like ya i do so he asked me 2 join so im like kool cos i wanted 2 any1 cos all my friends were in it

So i apped for cwg and lied bout my tikets sayin i lost sum when i went f2p b4 and i shuld have lke 2k but i only had the 200 still but i got in cos der was like 10 ppl from w27 in cwg and they all voted yes!

Eventually cwg closed and by this time rishi had gotten real known by playin in cw worlds with his ip and he had been given high council in 100p so me and pete went there cos we were all still rly gd friends, and so did a lot of former cwg but then sum of them broke off and made fl which was poop but i joined like2 weeks b4 they closed and played in sum war vs cwj and then it closed

I went back to 100p i think and rishi was made leader and josh was still i like boys den stayed 100p for a while and then c_w reopened! so i went der 2 b with all my cwg buddies and sum new friends like lukien and stuff but i left right b4 the end with pete in my arms all the way back to 100p to carry on our relationship, shortly after c_w died mysteriously and within this time the 1st lcw had been opened and closed LoL so a couple of them tried 2 get back into 100p and managed to like lemon and rishi but we ended up breaking off agen and we started up lcw again this time i helped from the start and thats where i am today

would also like 2 mention that i have been picked to play in every single war since ive started playn cw, not to say ive played in them all but ive been picked2, and i am now 1 of the best pk defenders ever so suck on my nuts
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