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August 27 2010, 02:21 AM
August 26 2010, 09:47 PM
When G(Jattonfire), started Z4L, Shenron and I were secretly playing for them to make up for CWG's no wars. This kept Shenron and I busy and we had fun making Z4L the best Capped Clan. Which came at a price, since 100% CW was the #1 Capped Clan at the time, and Shenron and I were in 100%. 100% CW had Hockley, Scar, Rishi, Lemon, 1ts, R0p3s, Josh, Logan, Deal3r, Senny, and Dark Rage all playing for them. Shenron and I figured there was no way we could possibly beat them with Z4L, we had maybe 2 reliable defenders and Brian, Shenron, and I scoring. But Surprisingly enough, we did indeed put a whoopin on 100% CW, with scores of 0-0, 2-0 Z4L, 2-1 Z4L. Shenron and I felt terrible after the war, but were really excited with our performance too, beating the #1 Capped Clan.

FS, I still don't know how we lost that war.
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