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Loon Ruler56
August 26 2010, 07:47 PM
Well, im not sure I really rember exactly everything but heh, I've posted my whole history somewhere on clan forums /cwc before a while back which is probably more accurate, I'll see if I can track it down later.

Well I started cwing on my 1st day of members. My friend brought me there and I realised how much fun it was and continued to cw on my own in world 28. I then met dynamic4, flubberjacks, and zedzmiz (what ever happent to him?) among others. After cwing there for a while they joined a clan and later wanted me to join. I joined one of Gaomaster's clans, unfortunatly I don't rember what the name of it was atm. I was there for about a week then it closed and we joined CWV. I was there for a while but then was kicked out because I didn't have 70 range. From there I joined ECW (elite) and was there for a while which is where I became a lot better a cw. From there I don't exactly rember where I went, but I was in quite a few clans for a few years from that point.

Next thing that I rember was joining the 1st cwh with lightmagevic and becoming hc. I had tons of fun there and greatly enjoyed my time there. Then we where dieing and had to close. I then went and reopened cwt (triumph) somewhere around 08 I belive. I had a good time there and it was open for a few months untill david d87 stole all my members lol... I then joined cw titans I belive. I then left there and reopened cwh and had a great time leading cwh again. We then died and I never really rejoined any more clans.

I have since lost a lot of intrest in cw due to jagex basically ruining everything making it overpowered. And here I sit today. I know there are many more clans I was in that where not mentioned, but I honestly don't rember which they where sadly.


found this on cwt site and was posted back in 08


well to start off, i started cwing in w 28 when i first became a member, my friend showed me it. after about idk 2k tix i joined cws, then it closed, then i joined cwv and was kicked from there because i didnt have 70 range (lol). the only reason i got into clans was because of dynamic4, zedzimz, and flubberjacks. then after cwv i went to cwe and stayed there for a while. next i quit there and went to cwh. was there for a long time as hc and left because they where a bad cw clan and an argument with the leader. then i went s4l then quickly left and made cwt! and well here i am with 4.2k tickets. o yeah, my rl name is -- and i live in --/--
He also forgot his good time in w45 with all of the w45 gang (Him, Season fires(batterup87), Scrplyr449, 1x tobi x1 and yzerm1 all went pro) and i was part of that too but never really got into it as much as them. He also met like 20 other people there that are all AMAZING (and his only) friends today.
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