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It's hard being the best.

Started out 4 years back in w 42 with my ***** Whitewolf647 brina 405 dat downie syciere raidar60 and jonathan l14.

Was just pking like any normal noob until i met raidar, he taught me how to actually cw, and after that i joined my first clan SE (Sara Elites).

I was playing on dialup so all i really could do was spam burst in wars l0l.

After that i got a better internet and started getting better.

I then joined xcw under the leadership of god--amen. (nuff said on that part)

Then i was asked to be high council in david d87s piece of s**t clan, i stupidly accepted and quit a week l8r cus i realized how fat and retarded that kid was.

Then i joined ecw the first day it opened. Stayed with them for a couple months then went and joined dl when they first open. (Could be the other way around correct me if im wrong)

Then i joined some other clans and other stuff blah blah blah.


i love eric.
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