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Well I have an idea since were trying to recruit more people and such! It would also be considered a privacy issue for some people as they have 'stalkers' that maybe sometime visit these fourms for information on them.

Our fourms are being visited by a pretty large amount of guests everyday usually after school for Americans and such (currently there's 26 guests viewing our fourms - which is a pretty large amount of people and the same numbers keep turning up everyday it seems). You can't blame them though as like 80% of our fourms are viewable to not even registered users but basically anybody who visits our site! This is probably why some people don't register an account - because there's really no need if you don't want to post or anything. I think this decision will essentially force some people to introduce themselves and in return make our community larger and more diverse than it was before :cheer2:

It would also keep the flamers and such away as we don't need their bullpoo here !turtle

Post any comments/suggestions

Edit: Forgot to say that we should reduce the sections viewable to guests.. maybe to introductions only or something!

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