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May 3 2010, 10:35 AM
ea ftw
w42 ftw !

I remember just before themed worlds, Me, Level 3 dom, Purepker1129, I 0wn u 4va, Lee Shani and Matt ps2 used to beast that world so hard.

Ya i used to play w42 since like 2007, then i joined a really crap clan Cw Strategists and i was there for almost 2 years until it died, i didn't really think i was that good 'cos i used to play w166 alot and Logan would always flame me! But i App'd to Cwf, then it shortly closed, and i join Cwtrinity, then when back to Cwf 'cos brian had stopped being a dick or something! Then Cwf closed after Trinib0y helped me loads and i joined Lcw because alot of Cwf people told me to Like Gaomaster and DylanJ.

I enjoyed my time at Lcw, but i missed my Cwf buddies which had joined Dl, so i quit Lcw and decided to app for Dl and i got in and was really happy! And i'm still there and thus far i am really happy :)

Warlok is my favourite Cws buddy
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