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My cw history omfg! I hope its all in order

Ok so...I first started cwing in June 2005 the first day I became a member. I played in world 23, sometimes going to world 69 to play a little bit. I would stay and play all day in world 23, mainly antistacking against Leronea, a lvl 122 with barrage who would pretty much always win. The main people I would play with would be Geo Mc, Benjy13, Ollie B7, Mrrowlie, Revolution3x (Uninstall_Rs), Desperado152, El Communist, xshadowcat, Rastaman1990, and more. I remember this one time when we actually beat Leronea and her crew, we were so happy l0l she just left and didnt come back the rest of the day. I played until I had about 1.8k tickets, then I quit for a year to skill. I'm not sure when I temporarily stopped cwing, but these are two pics I found from July and August of 2006 with me having 1400 tickets.

I began cwing again in September of 2007, and a month later I joined my first CW clan. On October 25, 2007 I joined CastleWars Dragons, led by Ghomie517 (I think those are the numbers). It was basically just a list of people recruited from busy cw worlds. A few days later, I realized that they didn't even have a forum, so I quit. That was when my friend Geo Mc, who was in both CW and Cwg, told me about Crusade Warriors. They were prepping for the huge CW vs CWG war, so they were recruiting, and I therefore got recruited. I applied on October 27, 2007, and was accepted.
Link to my application: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Crusade_Warriors/index.php?showtopic=1534&hl=

A little while later I played in my first war, CW vs CWG. Because I was new to the cw clan thing, I was not very good and not many people knew me - therefore I was assigned to stay under mid and burst/collapse people l0l. Anyway, we lost the war 0-0 0-0 0-1, with that whole controversial score with Max and Hockley. Nevertheless, it was fun to play in my first war.
This was the time that world 129 was still alive everyday. Even if I wasn't very good, people would pick me relatively early - I was a low level, but I was one of the only people who could afford armadyl top and bottom as well as a dragonfire shield. This, as well as the fact that I was one of the fastest clickers there with my .187, let me get a lot of chances at getting the flag and improving as a player slowly.

I became council on CW in February of 2008, but in March of 2008 it closed. From there, lots of people went to CastleWars Dynasty, which was a clan V_Ct0r opened, with me as high council. To be honest I completely forgot about this clan. Anyway, Cwd closed quickly, and on March 23 2008 I applied to Cwg, and got accepted. I did not want to apply at first because I thought I wasn't good enough, but vegas made sure I would get in =]. My time in Cwg were the greatest I've had on runescape. During this time I also became active in the cwcommunity (second one) and was mod in it shortly before it died.

Cwg closed on November 6, 2008 due to too many people quitting runescape. I'm not really sure on the time line here, but I believe this is what happened. After Cwg closed I think I joined z4l for a few days/wars, namely the one that they beat 100p in (I didn't play). After that war, z4l closed, and I felt really bad that 100p wasn't doing well, so I joined 100p. I didn't stay in 100p for very long, because a bunch of old friends decided to open an invite-only capped clan, FL (Forgotten Legends). This was the only time I had quit a Castlewar clan, and I was made council of FL.

I'm not sure how long FL lasted or when it closed, but afterwards Dirk decided to reopen Cwg. I was given the Council position, and was extremely excited. However, we were not getting many applicants because Mai and Faint had just reopened Crusade Warriors. Cwg died in less than a day l0l, and I joined Crusade Warriors for the second time.

I won the great election of 09 and was made council, and we beasted...we closed on October 18, 2009, and I afterwards joined Lcw. I am still in Lcw, and was recently made council.

yesss it is extremely long l0l if any1 actually reads the entire thing ill give u a hug
but ya idc if you dont read it cus it is rly long, it was more for me though than anything else

CW clan kill count: Cwd, CW, Cwd, Cwg, Z4L, 100p, FL, Cwg, CW
Next up: Lcw
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