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Started cwing in 2006 and I liked it but didn't do much scoring and all. Then I met Hockeyyyyyyy and Shearerxx9xx and they added me and we spoke. They we're my idols back then cause I was a w6 i like boysgot. Still think w6 times were the best. ZE was formed by red sonya back then and S4L was formed just to piss em off I think! So we always stacked sara yeah. I met a lot of great people in Castle Wars there and also my oldest cw friend Senny 91. My idols back then were Hockeyyyyyyyy, Hockley, Ultma2 and last but not least Tommyboy641.

Then Hockeyyyyyyy asked me to join CWO which is/was the best cw clan ever! Met people like airhead, nbaballer605, mixednummies, ido, battle guy and a lot more. Sadly they closed after having a full out war with cwg which ended in 0-0 0-0 0-1 cwg win. Dam you metalic max for scoring that point.

After that I been freelance till I join CWP in 2007. Fun times with Zach and Cass l0l. I left then cus CWP was really good at that time. I went to C_W where the big ballers were at. V ct0r, SSJ <- nicest guy ever, Tz190, Faint666, batturd, cjvegas and my main friend Nite Lion <3 miss u (oh and Cordero who clan hopped from CWG to C_W back n forth) and a lot of other people. Sadly also this clan came to its end and I got scammed by Prince Aziel back then so I was basically poor. < end 2007

Got back into cw at may 2008 where I joined S4L led by Miss Clo aka Mixednummies. Had a good time there! Met Airhead again metalic max, busta and a lot of other peoples :) Was a great time too but I left that clan and not long after it closed cause of mixed not having time for it anymore.

> Insert Castle Wars Ambush here l0l (met camo wolf, air nike and falcon style here)

December 2008 I went 100pcw where I found a lot of great people main ones beeing Senny and Nasirbaduk and the LCW lot. Had a great time here but sadly I left cause of some fat monkeys in there. Went DCW then but it was a joke of me and mojo to go there. In DCW I met dynamic4, he thought I should open my own clan cause I knew quite a lot people back then and then ECW (my own clan) came out. With my main men Dynamic, Mojo jojo and Naruto hd. been a blast bois and yeh ECW is still alive but closed 3 months before.

I haven't been active in cw since 2008. Only in 100p and my own clan.
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