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~ Presidential-Swagger ~

started cw in mid 06, met the old Dark Akuma23 with his girlfriend Dark Sammy23 cracked nuff jokes in cw for like 6months then Akuma quit and gave to someone else, saw Hockley got to know him and we started cwing together for awhile, he recruited me to join 100PCW at the very beginning of 100PCW i was drating happs it was my first cw clan, me and Josh3446 had some beefin goin on kept seerculling that jew so much he started to hate me LOL we had dissin matches and i always won obv. Met Nasirtajik and straight away realised his the sexiest geek alive ;) xx

then more people started joinning 100pcw i started to get to know them such as Zaroz Purez, one of the friendliest and loyalist friends ive ever met in RS, his been my best mate on rs for ages such a shame he quit rs :'( then others joinned cant remember the rest cos they aint important.

i started to know more of the CwC and met some of the oldest cwers in CwC history, good times Nasir named btw, then i met leigh in w24, we have known each other since and still do, we crack nuff jokes on msn about anything, then Logan came into my life :D had some of the funniest times in my cw life, cant remember any of them tho apart from we kept pissin people off in those 26king days :P and when i duelled him, he lent me claws and i ass raped him LOL then Yh Gangster and Scartoon came into my life and we 5v5'd for for drating ageeeeeeees and as some of you may know i had a 5v5 record which i have lost 5 and won like 100 :P hehehaha

then batturd0 rekarte i like boysboyonsly KMD (kiss my dick) zxzdavid dave1346 and some others started to crack nuff jokes with me then we had our IRC times for a while was bare jokes ;)

yeah basically been crackin jokes with them for ages <3

then i met Charlie aka Mojo Mojo on IRC, we never knew each other apart from we knew we were in the same clan, i asked for his password to cw, and he said yes, i was suprised out my mind as he barely knew me, i respected him alot for that and wanted to gain his trust and friendship luv the guy so i started crackin nuff jokes with him had our funny times when he kept losing Godswords LMFAO 1. ZGS - he dc'd when he was killing lesser demons lmfao he irc'd me goin mad but i helped him out and produced some GP for my man, i made over 120m for him from GWD and 76king, then we started deciding what to buy and poo so i guess i gained his trust :)
2. AGS - he tele'd from somewhere into Varrock with very low prayer, while he was teleing, it takes like a few seconds to load, some dude came with Claws speced him with smite, Charlies prayer dropped and he died with it LOL nuff jokes :P

so i started making more gp, 76king got interesting i kept doing it with Leigh Logan Bolle and Pigeon, had my first Zaros from leigh, was confused i fought it was a piece of poo worth around like 100k, i traded in to dude and just clicked everyhing without checking price, banked gp without caring and went back to doing my business. charlie came on irc he got happs about his gp rising like a mom and thanked me alot lol :)

then he started letting me mage in cw and pk, then Shorty came along (FFS) brainwashed charlie saying i used millions worth of gp for mage =/ so i quit down on the mage and pked in 5vs5s started enjoying that more. then shorty got charlie to change the password and then i stopped cw and helped logan out after he got hacked by the biggest i like boysGOT in CWC (yo ranger3) didnt really do much to help Logan out (sorry) cos i wasnt on computer much those days, then batturd0 came up with Nidhi Shah LMFAO we cracked nuff jokes broke the record for most users on CwC in the day about gunjans chick (LOL) coming onto the sight reading the poo he said and posting her pic as siggy.

now it got to these days :P still crackin nuff jokes with the loved ones <3

oh yeah cant stop crackin up about scarp sayin stuff about veth and his catapults, and veth datin theresa fun times :)

.....█۞███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

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