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Ok less c... i was found by Firetwisters at Pest Control Docs ukno and told me about cw.
I started out in w6 and shortly after teb got me into Cwg and lied about mi tix for me so i could get in by the Requirements.

Stayed there for a while, then i met ultma and we were partners for a while and he hopped over 2 cwf, which i followed.

Then i started 2 outclick him and he ditched me and i went back to Cwg.

Was in cwo for a time and a few other clans, and at one point i joined Ea for the drat of it and 2 cyber duchess bron, but i was kicked cuz they thought i was a Cwg spy, ya lol.

I cant say i remember what clans i went to an back and back after that been too many years of change.

Um o ya me and ultma and dirk started w129 cw when me and ult wanted a duo world and dirk wanted good games so um ya das it for that.

now im in lcw ! until it dies cuz josh and radar are now our high councils.
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