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(coped n pasted from old cwp site)

(btw keep in mind i stopd being active/careing about cw in like 2008 so when i was in 100p/cwp/lcw im rly inactive and oonly really cw @ wars n a few events a month)

i start cwing for the 1st time in mid-late 06 around worlds 2/6/9/144 (really what ever busy would there was for a game) and at this time i was a very low level (probably about 80 tbh) after play in thoses worlds for quiet a while i got my cmb up and started to cw for real and learned how to score pretty fast but at the same time i was never that good =p, after that i started to get sick of all the pkers and such on the bigger worlds so i started cwing on my home world (world 59) and met ppl like osiris116,bugman702,falcon style,noonelives25 and the whole w59 crew and this is where i learn most everything i know, bugman702 helped me with my scoreing and showed me a few little tricks i never knew about =p after a short time of playing in world 59 x59 legendz started up and i was in it from the 1st few weeks till it closed (my 1st real cw clan) after that bugman and falcon style got in a big fight and x59 closed and cwj/cws was made, i stayed cwj with osi phant0mblad3 and falcon style as the rest of my friends from world 59 went cws after cwj was made i got hc and not long after that i was a leader along with osi and falcon, and long story short falcon style started acting like...well falcon style and i got sick of him so i quit cwj and joined 100p in like 2008 mostly cuz i wanted to hit on lemon i stayd in 100p for over a year and then something happend (i rly dont remember) but lcw got made n everyone seem to quit 100p and so after it closed.
so after that my boyfriend duffman 420 got me to join cwp and i was in cwp intill it was closed and then after that i joined lcw to be back with rishi lemon n ofc radar n we lived happily ever after =]]
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