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hmm mine aswell lets see,

I used to play cw like late 2006-2007 but i just pked in it and would try to score in my homeworld 91 a lot then like late 07 people taught me how to play the right way so every day i would play sum 91 then go like 82 or 24 later just to try and get better like everyday. as time went on and it reached 2008 jason(1ts) asked me to join 100pcw which i said ok and apped and sumhow got in luckily and begain to hang with my new friends on ts and such. I wasnt gr8 back then and i would usually watch ppls vids to help me get better i always watched cords for scorin and lemons for defending and tried to be like them fs, anyway as time passed in 08 i played in a few fullout wars not much but hey i didnt really mind then late 2008 people started to let me play on their accs for likea few wars such as like bigdyl and i think i played my first cap war b4 the end of 2008 and so on into to 2009. As 2009 moved on i got a chance to play a few wars with the best such as scar and hockley at 1 point until fl was made and then once lcw was made i decided to stay with 100p and stick it out which then i was named council which was a honor i cannot describe =p. But as i stayed i made even better and closer friends tht i still talk to now such as leif for an example and as the summer moved on lcw eventually died and some members came back and we got better and such but then i think late oct or early nov lcw was remade and we lost a bunch of members and i made a huge post on 100p how we culd close and stuff which i kind of regret now but thts in the past and nasir closed in early november then after about a month or more leif finally convinced me and another one of my great friends melvin to join dcw where i have made amazing new friends and got to def in wars=p and im planning on staying dcw for quite awhile so ya thts is theres probly more but i have a terrbile memory
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