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Ugh since i'm bored i'll write mines -_-

Okay well it all first started when i as in f2p in 05 and i noticed some level 80 or whatever showing of his Red and Blue CW armour and i was like "omg how do i get that", he told me you get it from a Members only Mini-game called Castle Wars, a day later i bought members for the very first time. I then played my very first game of CW and at first it sucked because everybody was like level 110 or so and i was level 70ish, so yeah i got owned pretty much.

I eventually got addicted to CW and played regularly in 06, at this time i had gained some levels and stood more of a chance of PKing other players and stuff. At this time though i didn't exactly notice the pride some people had over the game and so all i did was PK and not try to win, i played for fun basically. After a while though i started to realise if i want tickets i'm going to have to start playing to win, and not to PK therefore i found myself a homeworld, w84. I started to no life CW in w84 for about a year with the regulars;
Master Teale (idolised at the time)
Warlok Blaze
El F Ranger
Desi Boy534
Ba Legend05

At this time it was mid-late 07 when i joined my very first clan, CW Triumph, lead by Demon3404. I remember him recruiting me from w84 and asking me to come to an event, so i came along to an event. It sucked, so i never went back, left the same day i joined haha. I continued CWing in w84 and i remember Meat Fantacy from CWE came one day, and he was pretty decent. I then applied for CWE a few days later and got trial, at first i was pretty nervous to see how things would go because it had pretty big names like Kingmdatta and Dave1346. The day i was supposed to come to an event, CWE closed, leaving me clanless, yet again. Back to w84 for me.

So i continued CWing in w84 for a while again, but one day w84 went offline, therefore everybody was trying to find an empty-ish world to CW in, so w84 went to w71, homeworld of CWL. We stacked there against only just 2 people (Pked Wrath and Dryicedearth) for about 2 hours straight, it was like 2 vs 10 but the quality of these 2 players were well above our standards. We won like 4/5 games and they got fed up, so they called more w71 players. I remember them calling players like Mikeoman94, Jay Tc, I Slawter I and Muffinman338. We had our work cut out, and obviously we lost.
For the next week or 2, w84 and w71 would be at "war" so to say, players from each world would be in the opposite world playing CW and frustrating eachother. Eventually w84 and w71 went head-to-head. W71 won 6-1. About 2-3 weeks after the war, i applied to CWL and got accepted. I was thrilled to bits, i played in my very first war against CWP in May 08 i think, which CWP won.

I stayed loyal to CWL for about 4-5 months until i played my very first 5vs5 against 100PCW. Teams were like;
CWL 5: Me, Madazer123, Kingmdatta, Dryicedearth and Muffinman338.
100PCW 5: Pk3d, Lemon, 1ts0ver4u, R0p3s and 1 other, i forget who.
These 5vs5's occured regularly and after a while or so, CWG would stared to pester us, asking to play the winner of the 5vs5, we accepted. I remember the all-stars from CWG that would play, the likes of Cordero8, Shenron 13, Scarpion9, Matt Hockley, Conan012222, Jenske03, Beepers2bro and Battered0.
Whenever we played CWG, i'd be nervous as hell because i'd be intimidated by the names. I think won like 2/10 5vs5's we played or something.

In July 08, i applied to 100PCW and got accepted. At this point in time i had alot more confidence in playing CW, i was picked almost 100% of the time for wars, after a while i devoloped an ego. I'd 5vs5 every night with 1ts0ver4u, at the time we were probably the best 2 man Mage team in 5vs5s, we won almost all of our 5vs5s. I was in 100PCW til August 08, when 1ts0ver4u was planning on quitting 100PCW because Senny91 was a bit out of line with him. So i quit aswell.

In August 08, Scarpion9 and Shenron 13 asked me to apply for CWG. So i did, i was accepted the next again day. I played in 1 CWG war against my old clan, 100PCW, in which we won. I loved being in CWG as i could brag to people that i was. After a month or 2, i quit CWG. I sort of "followed" Scarpion9, we both applied to 100PCW, so i was rejoining my old clan again. We both got accepted and the next again day we were both playing in the 15vs15 against CWF, 100PCW won and it was one of the best wars i've played in. During a period of 3-4 months, 100PCW and CWP were at war, every weekend there would be a 100PCW vs CWP war set up. Almost all of these wars were ties, par one where 100PCW won.

After a while of sticking around in 100PCW, i eventually got War Defence Leader, i was over-joyed with achieving this as i had being chasing this position for ages. The next again month i was promoted to Council for my attendance at events and wars.
CWG closed in November, and lots of ex-CWG applied for 100PCW, like Shenron 13, Cordero8, Radar731, Matt Hockley. Imnumber24, Battered0 and others. 100PCW was now proclaimed #1 in which CWF were very unhappy about.
So 100PCW and CWF arranged a fullout official to take play in December. The build up to this war and anticipation was phenomenal. The war took place and all 3 games were 0-0, i enjoyed the war very much.

At the end of the year 2008 and the beginning of 2009, a new clan openned called Forgotten Legends. This was to be the new "Z4L", therefore it was going to be a capped-only clan. And for the very first time, it was an invite-only clan, therefore you needed to be invited to join it, you could not apply. I joined Forgotten Legends on 1st January 2009, leaving 100PCW for the 2nd time. Forgotten Legends were now proclaimed #1. We had all ex-CWG. Our first war was against CWF in 10vs10 cap. FL won in 2 games. We WERE #1.

Over the next few months i was FL for life. We'd 5vs5 anybody, late night 5vs5s against CWF were the best, most of the time we won but sometimes we lost. But they were always a good challenge. In March, Matt Hockley got banned for Bug Abusing, this had a massive impact on FL. The next few wars FL struggled to win, we tied with CWJ and lost against CWP.
In April 09, Forgotten Legends closed. Leaving a bunch of all-star CW players clanless, and clans were eager to scoop us up.

Crusade Warriors, lead by Faint666 and Tz190 openned 2-3 days after FL closed. The majority of ex-FL joined Crusade Warriors, and now we were procalimed #1. I was also Council in this clan for a period of time. Crusade Warriors were extremely dominant, we WERE #1, we never lost a war and won the very first CWC Tournament. Crusade Warriors closed after 8-9 months, in which i was a member of from when they openned til' they closed. After the closure of Crusade Warriors, it left lots clanless yet again. Some joined CWL others joined LCW.
I joined LCW in either October or November 2009, i forget which month. I have been loyal to LCW ever since and am to date. And i plan on being LCW until we close.
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