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Ok well here I go..

Ever since I became a member for the first time a few years ago, I always wanted to try out the minigames because I usually enjoy them. Me and my little brother found out that we could both be on the same team in Castle Wars so we regularly played in World 66. He later quit and I was forced to play on my own at the time I moved homeworlds to world 65 which happened to have a Cw clan existing in it already; CastleWars Crew (CwC). I started making money for karils and other gear and occasionally saw other cwers here such as Kuramarhs, Burnkate, Blackeagle, Rune700, Spidergurl, Motomangum, Ice Dragon, Rainbow something.. forget her name, Dracobringer, I saw Faint once or twice but this wasn't his home world, Dunville121, Anerkist, Mocrac, Shenron, Cordero (who was my idol at the time lol), and alot of others but I don't have screenies of them. I befriended most of them and joined Cw Crew at the time and saw others from world 83 such as Chiwawa, Fitbabe, Shawtyblitz and others including my current leader, Lemon1333 who I remember having an actual good ip lol. After Cw Crew closed I joined CwM (Cw Mafia) which was led by Jrclacrosse and Tang05 who were both nice to me but as I was inactive, I never attended events nor did I go on our website and I left shortly. I later then joined Cwf and managed to get in and just like CwM, I was even more inactive to a point that I was inthe clan but I didn't speak to any hc/leaders to add my name to the Ml so as time passed on I figured I wasn't a part of the clan anymore. Few months I cleaned my friends list and started cwing in any world I could find, I remember sing Bronzeberg in world 99 and his skills were unlike anything I ever seen so I occasionally kept going there for games hoping to see him =] loafr ftw ! Anyways fastforward to cw worlds and I made world 166 my home and managed to get 88.8 as my ip and then 88.4 but it still wasn't enough to compete vs other ip's like Chun's .2 or Diego's/Holsey' .1 so I losy my ip on purpose and startrd skilling and rcing.. made lots of geepee's and bought arma and stuff.. fastforward to my first clan really since CwC which was Cwt, they were inviting and everything I could want but we did not war often and there were issues about inactivity from the leaders even though I was high council and personal issues at the time, I left and was later clanless but I got to know my 3 friends who I love the most - Aaron, Kt, and James. We always hang out and stuff in my current homeworld (92) and they're crazy at sometimes but I've gotten fond of them =p! Fastforward to when James and Aaron joined Lcw, at first I was nervous to join as I wasn't very good but we practiced in 2v1's and other matches and I finally found the courage to apply to the clan that my friends were in and I somehow managed to get in ^_^ I was chosen to play in my 1st war ever in Lcw and I didn't know what to expect but I didn't do that bad, I managed to b2b a svore vs Dl with an astonishing zgs splash plus 6+ splashes lol so I was somewhat proud, but my role model now is Master Teale and I've always been analyzing how he plays so to speak and with practice I have become a successful scorer (In my eyes) and I hope to continue my career with Lcw and only become better!

End of my story !
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