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i started playing rs in early 07 bc my friend from school wouldn't stfu about how "awesome" it was....he was always in w66 so i started playing there....around the time i was like lvl 75-80ish i started liking cw and had a couple of friends who played on w66...i didnt stop pking until like 2 weeks b4 w66 died ...so i went to w144....the people there were i like boysgets so i moved to w9 where i fell in love with cw(idk...) i played with dadyankee3 and after flaming each other a billion times we became good friends. i went to a theme world for the first time and saw (army oaf) so i panic'd and left(LOL) then like a week later i went to my first cwc event ever(january 09) lol i made it to spawn with the flag then panic'd and droped the flag and logged out....me and carlos were really good friends and he was in cwp ...so i always wanted to be in that clan....i app'd when i was like lvl 90 as a score not knowing what i was doing...yeah i was like auto declined lol....then app'd again but ended up flaming people cause i rage too much and withdrew my app then less then a month later i reapp'd again and got in because they were dieng and needed more people....
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