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started 2004- ftp about 6 months
got members around 2005- cw was the first thing I went to cause i saw some with red armour with blue trim and i was like holy crap so i asked where he get it and he said castle wars in members.
I started castle wars in world 36 got my first ticket till abt 2k-ish tickets? meanwhile in w36 I played against many people, crusade warriors, random people from w36, then I joined my first castle war clan called castle wars revolution from w36..

then 2007 I played w82 for abt 300 tickets then I joined cwp as my first real castle war clan that involves in cwc

then um like 2008 i quit cwing and did alot of ftp/p2p warring- AS and RDK and got rank #1(rdk) rsb then quit for cwing again, alley recruited me to dcw when it opened for like 4 days. I stayed loyal till it died.

Then I rejoined cwp- and stayed loyal till I quit like 5 days b4 it died... gf cod i like boyss

then I rejoined dcw again- staying loyal till whatever
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