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mayor chapstick

April 26 2010, 04:26 PM
Lol Steve I thought the same when I read that, had to double check the date to see when cw was out lol :facepalm:

My CW history really started as I joined CDU when it had just opened and god knows when that was, I can't really remember. I played a lot in w124 with a group of friends who's names have faded away from my head pretty much, but that was the only world I went to back in those days. I enjoyed every moment of CW back then, there was a high level of competition between players but the difference from today's CW was that no one ever fought with one another, everyone were friends and enjoyed the game and afterwards we just sat down talking to each other without one flaming the other for losing a game or two, unlike how it is today...

I think it was somewhere around 2006 when one day me and a few mates decided to go check to see if there are people in other worlds who play CW as much as we do and after a few world visits if I remember correctly we went to w60 to find that there were quiet a lot of players there. We played a game or two and then we hop'ed back to w124. After a while I started playing in w60 more and more till I started making some friends over there. That was when I met Matt Hockly who introduced me to CDU and from there I got to meet Danqzlmp, Armadylo, Zaroz Purez, Cubanbro, Hazza, Tacaol, Kgold6, Cartoon 704, Leg Monster and a lot of other people who I played more and more with. So I stayed in CDU for quiet a while, I quit once or twice but then went back to them till it closed.

At this time around 2006-2007 I met a few people like Doctor 46, Kruising1, Chelleke8, Midi45, 10000flames, Hairyfiba, Jamie Paul, Johan Fire, Kevin Boy50, Jenske, Zanderinos and his brother and many more who played a lot in another CW world which was w54 so I started playing with them most of the times. From there I got introduced by Doctor 46 to another CW clan called CW4FUN which was led by Hairyfiba at the time, the problem was that they were all Dutch and I couldn't speak a word Dutch! (this is why Steve calls me a dutchie >.< )

After a month or so in CW4FUN struggling with everyone not speaking English I became one of the councils and soon after that I became co-leader with 10000flames and worked on expanding the clan and making it possible for none Dutch people to join the clan. The clan got pretty successful and it was loads of fun till we had to close it due to people kind of leaving us on the side due to the "ducth-factor" of the clan. The clan got split up and people went to all different places some just went clanless and never joined another clan after CW4FUN. Me, 10000flames and many others went to EA (Elite Alliance) and joined them.

I didn't felt at home in EA and I stopped playing CW pretty much due to school so I became really inactive and therefore decided to quit EA and go clanless. At this time I stopped playing RS as well, I was away for a few months till I came back and one day Matt started talking about starting a new clan, he then opened 100% CW. I didn't join it at first since I wasn't as active to be in a clan but after a few weeks I became a member of the clan. After a while in the clan I was active enough to become a council so I took the council role and engaged myself a lot in how the clan was ran.

100% CW was known as a clan which crashed almost every war and all of the members known as crashers since basically Matt, Kgold and many others just focused on crashing other clans wars and events most of the times which was something that kept other people off joining the clan since they didn't want to be associated with crashers. So that was the first thing I wanted to have changed as a council. I talked to Matt and the rest of the members and suggested to kind of restart the clan from scratch, make new forums, set up rules and have events of our own on a more regular basis and most of the people agreed to it and 100% CW became the first clan to have actual rules and specifically rules against crashers.

I put a lot of time and effort on the clan and after going through a lot with the clan Matt one day decided he no longer wants to lead the clan and decided to close it but many people including me were against it and wanted to have the clan remained open so I suggested to just have someone replace Matt and he can go down to being a normal member. I sat up a poll and had people voting on who they want to become the new leader and I was voted to take over after Matt. So that was how I became the leader of 100% CW and had it opened for a few years until I had to close it for some reasons which I believe most of you know what they were.

That is pretty summed up and hope you enjoyed reading it IF you read it :P
-clap clap clap clap clap-

in about 2007 or 2008 i started playin cw, i had rsed for about 1-2 before that but never knew about cw, i started on w66 where i got my first 1.5k tickets then it died and i went to world 144 where i got about 300-500 tickets then world 82 where i got another few hundred tickets, then i got intrested in joining a clan, i looked at them all and liked 100pcw the best, i stalked it for about 6 months (l0l) cuz i was too shy to join, then my best friend killortryto app'd and i sed if he gets in then ill app. he got in so i app'd and got accepted to the clan :D i had alot of fun under the great leadership of nasirtajik, but a few months later it closed :'( i spent about a month clanless then joined dcw and i liked it so thats where i am now
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