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Yo Soy Fiesta!

started in w99 with some ppl like bronzeberg and alot of the original cwl ppl(skaters) then went to 130 an met god amen who got me into cwg which i was in for 2 weeks then left cus i was on vacation at the time

eventually got into cwf but i forgot who recruited me then i went to cwp and was there for a year or so until i left for dcw
after dcw i went cwj until it closed then went back to cwp until i heard mannie opened d_l which at the time was cwj with a few top notch players and i had alot of fun in cwj more than the current cwp(not led by zach..) so i went dl and was in it for a while before eventually leaving and going back to dcw which im currently in...

just a bleek outline theres been more clans but these are the significant ones that i stayed in for a good amount of time =p
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