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2001-2002 ish

brother played against duffman when he was still lvl 90-100


brother started letting me play on his account so i went and play in w27 against laser907 and beepers2bro (owned >:D)
with keybaby23 and battered0 and this one guy forgot his name, was it sosolid2k?


quit for like a long ass time


came back and was recruited into cwp which then i learn about iping and ip abusing people at small door >:D
was named IP King of w24
after i got my .1, i was position as pk def for cwp against mostly cwf
learned from miles' vids and events on how to mage def
started mage defending for like 7 months
got bored of defending then went on trying to score or learning how to
purepker and totti became the rising stars of cwp's pk def so was fun to see them kill people :D ILYG's!
started scoring in w6 to start off with along with my long pal snake pit6 and many more
loved to defend against brian (gf you .1 noob!) when i had ip over him >:D
played many wars and soon cwp was dying due to members not being active
cwp died, join dcw got bored there, went to ecw due to nar's invite
played in the cwl war (1st time scoring) lost
played in the lcw war (2nd time scoring) draw i presume
played in the cwl war( 20vs20) - almost won at the end of 3rd >:O!
played in the dcw war( today 4-25-10) - win :D!
then i went and grab some rice and typed this poo down O_o
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