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Hey just was looking at cwl's forums and got this idea off there.

Some Rules
1. Try to keep the spam limited please; post stuff that actually is relevant to the topic.

2. This can serve as a database for past, current, and future members to look at!
Here, everybody can view where castle wars really developed at and when

3. Try to start as far back as you can remember
-example: people you met and played with, worlds you played in, how you started cw, etc.

4. No flaming to others about past/current clans at all.

I started back when I first got p2p at like lv 75 and played with some friend in castle wars in my homeworld. I quickly enjoyed it and found that it was the best thing in rs (in my opinion). I continued to play in my hw, world 77. I was mainly a pker that chased the flag whenever I saw it in the beginning, but at about lv 95-100 I finally got ancients and had about 30m from bandos ls. I quickly began to burn cash at a fast rate, but managed to somehow merchant it up yo a net total of 50m.

At this point world 77 was long gone, so I moved to 100 as the games there were better.
I cwed with ppl like:
Diego (occasionally)
J Dizel1025
Gateway Free
Loon Ruler56

Sure some others but I forgot.

My clan history involved me with Castle Wars Triumph, where I played for fun and learned a lot more. After closing I cwed in a lot of diff worlds, like 2,6,9,24,& 82.
I eventually joined cwj for a little while, but had to leave due to me skipping a practice or something. I later than became world 6 and started with a bunch of new ppl like

Rocker Ryan1
D4l Luis
Dadyankee3 (w9)

As well as a multide of others

After a summer of playing there, I finally started to 1v1 and 5v5 a bit. With Ryan and Carlos teaching me a lot of 1v1, as well as pvp loafing, I finally started to try 5v5 and found how fun they rly were. Fastforwarding, I finally joined my favorite clan yet in 2009, Castle War Hearts under Loon Ruler56 and Super Fwash. I rly began to have fun and experience the clan like aspect then and anxiously await this summer to see what will happen. Finally, after closing, I joined Total Castle Wars and Castle War Devestation at a friends request and had fun there, as well.

Currently, I do a ton of 5v5 on the weekend for pracice and fun, with an occasional 24 game.
My goal is to just become better with every game.
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