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dark rage128
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(13:04:49) <David_D87> l0l
(13:04:51) <David_D87> wat hapend to ur clan
(13:04:56) <David_D87> u laf at mine but it lasted longer den urs
(13:05:04) <^Michael^> ???? rofl
(13:05:12) <^Michael^> to think you couldn't get any stupider
(13:05:18) <David_D87> and ours
(13:05:20) <David_D87> was alot beter
(13:05:21) <David_D87> then lcw
(13:05:27) <David_D87> we atleast tied c_W
(13:05:56) <David_D87> l0ll0l00l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0 i knew lcw wouldnt last
(13:06:01) <David_D87> now u guys cant go bak to 100pcw
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