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CWG for life, and I mean it!

Flipside64, Punkdude270, Suzi_29_99

Xx__taz__xx, Aaronmtanaka, Biker16, Lordfire2005, Ferrari_2002, Nitro379, Tiefers, Jugernaun446, Sephirotthh, Flame1148, Calebg4, Mad86, Lastchanc155, B_U_N_S, Korncob555, Dangerman280, Tanker355, Netstormuk, Extremed123, Madman7214, Heyya289, Brownie_100, La_s3n10r1ta, Xxkilla69xx, Compgeek1210, King_Arth308, Amlbrown32, Slayer25250, Red_man48, Hisamiskool, Navy_grey, , Jakev08, Dirk389, Trooper70750, Artim_guy, Yoranger9, Barbaroti.

might be missing a few, but thats what I got. Feel free to name people if you remember.
Add me in 07scape!
"CWC Dirk"

07scape loot: Obsidian Cape x2, Black Mask x10, Zamorak Platebody, Ahrims Robeskirt, Torags Platebody, Zamorak Page 1, Veracs Plateskirt, Ahrims Robetop
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