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Apr 12 2009, 05:15 PM
I don't use cwc forums much because of the whole flameing over the internet, yes theres no harm in insulting someone over the net, not exactly a big deal But when theres something you want to read and you read a post followed by 5-6 posts of flame before the next decent post it gets irritating, just stick to not flameing in certain ares of the site and mods wont have to spam lock things, don't piss and moan about mods locking things when theres reason to -_-

I was debating making a list for staff, one of more important forums, one of less. The "important" ones would where we would place more moderating power on, b/c they would be forums where some serious discussion should be taking place. Not exactly going crazy in those forums, but have them be a place for people who would rather take part in serious posts, be able to.

Then make a list of the not so important ones, and place less modding on them. Still mod them to keep them clean of breaking invisionfree terms of use, and keeping a complete flame war from breaking out, but for the most part letting anything go.

I'm not sure how that would work, but I liked the idea. It would serve both the users on the site.
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