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sqemish fish
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Sir Tenure
Apr 12 2009, 02:31 PM
sqemish fish
Apr 12 2009, 02:25 PM
Sir Tenure
Apr 12 2009, 02:17 PM
sqemish fish
Apr 12 2009, 02:08 PM
tbh i dont use this forum alot, but when i do i constantly see mods ruining. most the topic that people enjoy just get close or removed and a ton of posts deleted, just cus 1 prick mod wants to act like they're 30. ffs jardine

Yea i see that alot of people don't like getting threads closed.

I can guess one or the other, the thread being closed or the flame/spam deleted from it. If neither happens then this will not be a community but a flame forum.

If you can find a way of balance in containing spam/flame in popular threads then please suggest it.

I am taking everything here personal, not in the bad way, but in a way as to adjust to what the community would like. But bear in mind i won't just let spam/flame in every thread.

k well now you got to change the way 8 other people think and act. gl

Not sure what 8 other people think means, but i do see what some have said.

I said i will adjust, and i will.

I would like more feedback from other people before i make any big change.

But i can say that i will not lock popular threads in the future, but of course there can't be too much flame or spam in it either. I may delete some of the posts, if i think it will allow the thread to go on. That may not sound like much but i am making an effort to meet you and the others who mentioned it in the middle.

there's 8 other people with moderating status, and just because you want to listen to others and do something doesn't mean they will/do.
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