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100% CastleWars (100P)
CastleWars Finest (CWF)
CastleWars Greatest (CWG) September 9, 2006 - November 6th, 2008
CastleWars Junkies (CWJ)
CastleWars Legends (CWL) February 10, 2007 - present
CastleWars Premier (CWP)
CastleWars Universal (CWU)
Divine CastleWars (DCW)
Dark Demise (DD)
Elite Alliance (EA)
Kings of CastleWars (KoCW)
Not Go Away Clan of Pinks (Pinks)
Saradomin 4 Life (S4L)
Sara Elites (SE)
Xtreme Castlewars (XCW)

lol ive been in all those clans!
can ne1 beat that
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