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V ct0r
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Jan 29 2009, 09:30 PM
Jan 29 2009, 07:11 PM
Conan sucked.

best all around player for his time tho?

that is SUCH a lie, back then the 2 overall best players were me and punkdude and honestly the only player i was ever intimidated to play against was punkdude back then, he would win MOST of our games but it was because he would get help from his friends like la sen0rita and that other guy meanwhile i had help only from cj simpson -.-

I NEVER saw conan as a great scorer I always predicted where he was going to cade cuz it would always be the same spot and those were the spots where I would cade the most too, the only time he actually got to score on me was when i ranout of explosives cuz he had like 7 cades on him

btw I never saw him defend at all so how can he be overall best player? and I dont include faint as overall back then cuz he was only a defender back then i'd never see him try to score unless it was from killing their flag holder which was rare
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