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Ok so heres the list so far. Please tell me if I forgot any =\

Also, I'd like to get dates for the clans. Not necessarily exact dates, but atleast to the nearest month. Thanks.

Admins and moderators feel free to update the list if you want. I tend to get lazy. =]

100% CastleWars (100P)
3rd Generation CastleWars (3GCW) December 2007 - April 2008
44-Elite (44-E) September 2005 - Spring 2006
99 Problems (99P)
Army of lanthus (AoL) June 8th 2008 - August 2008
Beast CastleWars
Behemoth CastleWars (BCW)
Brothers of Justice (BoJ)
Castle Destroyers (CD)
Castle Destroyers United (CDU)
Castle Raiders (CR)
Castlewar Masters (CWM)
CastleWarriors (CW) August 2006 - September 2006
CastleWars 4 Fun (CW4Fun) Jan 28 2007, 07:03 PM - ?
CastleWars Agony (CWA) March 20, 2008 - January 1, 2009
CastleWars Ambush (CWA)
CastleWars Annihilation (CWA)May 2007 - August 2007
CastleWars Confessors (CWC)
CastleWars Crew (CWC)
Castle Wars Demons (CWD)
CastleWars Destruction (CWD)
CastleWars Devastation (CWD)
CastleWars Dragons (CWD)
CastleWars Dynasty (CWD)
CastleWars Elites (CWE)
CastleWars Evolution (CWE)
CastleWars Finest (CWF)
CastleWars Fire Dept. (CWFD)
CastleWars Fury (CWF)
CastleWars Gods (CWG)
CastleWars Greatest (CWG) September 9, 2006 - November 6th, 2008
CastleWars Guild (CWG)
CastleWars Hearts (CWH) Febuary 21, 2008 - September 21, 2008, June 1, 2009- November 5, 2009
CastleWars Heroes (CWH)
CastleWars Incredibles (CWI)
CastleWars Intrepid (CWI)
CastleWars Junkies (CWJ)
CastleWars Kings (CWK)
CastleWars Legend (CWL)
CastleWars Legends (CWL) February 10, 2007 - present
CastleWars Lords (CWL)
CastleWars Lovers United (CWLU?)
CastleWars Mafia (CWM)
CastleWars Onslaught (CWO)
CastleWars Organization (CWO)
CastleWars Ownz (CWO)
CastleWars Premier (CWP)
CastleWars Police Dept. (CWPD)
CastleWars Rav3rs (CWR)
CastleWars Regime (CWR)
CastleWars Revolution (CWR)
CastleWars Royalty (CWR)
CastleWars Serenity (CWS)
CastleWars Spartans (CWS)
CastleWars Strategists (CWS)
CastleWars Superiors (CWS)
CastleWars Supreme (CWS)
CastleWars Team Zamorak (CWZ)
CastleWars Titans (CWT) September 2008 - March 2010, May 2010 - present
CastleWars Triumph (CWT) August 1, 08 - November 18, 2008
CastleWars United (CWU)
CastleWars Universal (CWU)
CastleWars Unleashed (CWU)
CastleWars Vengeance (CWV)
CastleWars Zamorak United (CWZU?)
Chronic CastleWars (CCW)
Crusade Warriors (C_W)
Divine CastleWars (DCW)
Divine Legendz (DL)
Dark Demise (DD)
Elite 23 (E23)
Elite Alliance (EA)
Elite Castle Legends (ECL)
Elite CastleWars (ECW) May 2009 - August 2009, December 2009 - present
Elite Reborn (ER)
Exiled Castle Wars (ECW)
Final Desecration (FD)
Forgotten Legends (FL) January 1, 2009 - ?
Hostility (Hos) Spring 2006 - August 2006
Instinct (In?)
Kick Yo Ass Clan (KYAK)
Kings of CastleWars (KoCW)
Legacy of CastleWars (LCW)
Masters of CastleWars (MCW)
Mental Meltdown (MM)
Mothers Against Crashing (MAC)
Not Go Away Clan of Pinks (Pinks)
Poopy Angels (PA)
Saradomin 4 Life (S4L)
Saradomin Knights (SK) July 2005 - September 2005
Sara Elites (SE)
Seeds of Change (SoC)
Shadows Retribution (SR)
Spear Unit (SU)
Team~Hawt (TH)
Technic CastleWar (TCW)
The Devoted (TD) December 2008 - December 2008
Team Gao (TG) March 2007 - ?
Total Castle Wars (TCW)
United Battle Grounds (UBG)
Ultimate CastleWars (UCW)
Volatile (Vol)
X59 Legends (X59CW)
Xtreme CastleWars (XCW)
Zamorak 4 Life (Z4L) July 2008 - November 2008
Zammy Elites (ZE)
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