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Taken from the old cwl forums i re-discovered today, luckily this history was saved because it was pinned. There were a few images, but they were deleted. its well written, but was written more about Stizz's re-make of cwl than the origional cwl, but you will get the idea. Un-bolded Written by Demonsz.

Reading through this, seems there was an unknown clan even before CWL, CWE, but i doubt anybody whatsoever nowdays was in it, as even only 7 people from it went into CWL.

From personal experience cwl was incredibly fun, we were totally different to clans nowdays apart from the fact we played cw. We had like 3 barragers for a while, but back then high mage was incredibly rare, we even had a uniform for a while. We had a few fight pits wars later on which were INCREDIBLY fun. Made a fair few friends in cwl, and had alotta fun.

So who really is this Demonsz that you've all known at some time in the History of the Castle Wars Legends? Before I started playing Runescape I played Halo Online and Age of Empires. As Co-Leader of a clan called Legendary I was trained by the best - SSJ_Freeza0 which you guys would know better as N0valyfe. We were pretty close back then, and he was already a RS addict at the time. Halo was my main game I was in a clan known as Valor and was Leader of the division PBSnipers. We were extremely successful but only over a small scale, a tight group of friends who were almost unbeatable on any map. I went into modding and made our own maps as well. We used a program called Teamspeak which allows you to talk on microphones which made organising alot easier and faster as we didnt have to type.

One day a ally of mine known as Blackbird suggested that I come and play RS, I thought I would give it a shot as I was pretty much up for anything at the time as far as online games went. N0valyfe had always talked about the game which gave me an incentive to try it anyway, of course starting as a Level-3 I was completely shit, I managed to play for a little while but was drawn slowly back to Halo after a release of new maps, and the clan expansion on that side.

Thats the way it remained until one day, a friend of mine IRL brought RS up again, and I decided to play online with him for abit, I got into a group of mates at college who also played it and eventually got addicted to it. I was and have always been a combat trainer, and ever since day 1 thats pretty much all I did. After I hit 100 combat I got to know Monkey_Moejo, Dark_Witchy and Peter (Zezima) on Teamspeak, and so I applied for my first clan - The Moriquendi, and joined on the 23rd January 2005.

At this time I was leveling very quickly, and after the Moriquendi fell apart I needed something on a smaller scale, just to get me back into the clan spirit. I was looking around the forums when I was a "Castle Wars Elite" post in the Events seciton - by now I was one of very few higher levels on the game, and I was accepted without trial and promoted to Co-Leader within two months after a streak of appearences and recruiting a handful of new members.

Anyway, thats enough for me, theres a picture at the end of this post if you want to know what I look like, back to todays Castle Wars Legends - Ask yourself what has become of the legends that once stood proud on the wall of 64, it was our world, a place all members were well known, and respected. We were friends through skills, and through battle, we were the only team to defeat a highly ranked clan in a uncapped war outside of Castle Wars - and most of all, we had respect.

So, lets go back to when it all started..

Swordkill was just coming to the end of his reign as the Castle Wars Elite Founder/Leader, and I was appointed Co-Leader. Only 2 or 3 people who are in the Legends to this day where once part of the Elites. We fought day in day out, meetings on a regular basis with the most loyal members to date, and with hardly any competition World 78 was ours.

Sword announced his leaving date after a long inspiring leadership and so, what were we to do? Enjoy..

The following is a personal view, and weather liked or dislike, its the truth.

"Swordkill, the level 97 training a level 120 to be a captain, his experience in Castle Wars and leadership went far deeper than mine - so I accepted it, and week in week out, I trained. The Castle Wars Elites were at a late string in the clans lifeline when I joined, with only afew loyal members and War lovers who kept the flame burning. I was made Co-Leader no longer than 2 months after I joined, and believe it or not, I found the CWE through the online Runescape forums. After becoming Co-Leader I was given alot of main responsibilities including organising events, making sure team moral was high, and generally keeping the members we had happy, and trying to grow the team. Swordkill left unannounced and I called all the CWE that remained to the Blue Moon inn, Varrock for a final stand. We waited for hours just so people could get online to have their say, and then we were ready, 7 people stood in front of me I explained the situation. Corn, Wozza, Angelus, Illiad, Reaper, Xgen, Spike and afew more awaited the call, more than 2 years ago. I set up a vote for the new leader, and vowed to be as loyal to any leader as I was to Swordkill, then came the call, I was to take over Swordkill's work.

I gave everyone the chance to take leadership, yet I was chosen. I couldn't really understand it but I stated the bible from the start. Hours passed as we tryed to choose a name, not one could all of us agree on, then.. Castle Wars Legends, it seemed it was worth a try, and minutes later it was agreed upon; the birth of the CWL. I got to work straight away, how could I not take this chance; the chance to work on one of the greatest Castle Wars leader's of that times work. I set up the Runescape forum, and started on the front 10 posts; It was a flair.
I chose the meeting times; Saturday at 12GMT, and announced the events that would happen on the forums, we had alot of attention from people, but not many were willing to sign up to such a new feature. I welcomed anyone to come to the first meeting, but warned from here on would be members only; in a ploy to try and gain members. The first meeting was a huge success, we all met at Varrock Inn - where the birth of CWL had accured, and then headed to Wars fully equipt. The fight was unimaginable, World 64 - one of the faintest worlds on the face of Runescape was hit by one of the first organised Castle Wars Teams to play.

Everyone helped eachother without question, there was no cussing just a fantastic feeling, that from Swordkill's orginial teaching I had expanded and every single member of the team was making the plainess of Runescape bareable.
I came off that night, and never before had I seriously thought about playing Runescape so much, I neglected school and real life friends to make sure that the team worked, and I knew that couldn't go on for long - behold the birth of the ranks system. I knew I had to quit playing as much as I was, and there was a simple solution, to bring in Co-Leaders, Events Planners, Warlords, anything that could take a workload from my back. The older members of the currant Legends will remember that the old team was split into Zam and Sara, although only at the very start did we actually fight eachother, it was impossible to level the teams and we always ended up fighting as a team earlier, it wasnt until much later on that I inevitably merged the team into one to try and strengthen the team at its very foundations.

The results were amazing, I learnt that respect was everything. The things that I had gone through, and worked so hard to acheieve were now paying me back, the team was expanding at a crazy 4+ rate a day - my new appointed events planner even had to bring in 2 or even 3 meetings a week to compensate, the news of World 64's Castle Wars Legends was truely out"

I decided to see how far I could really take the Legends at this point in time. With the newly introduced ranks scheme and members flooding in, it was a perfect time to bring in the next idea - The CWL Juniors, which we later renamed the Pending list so not to inferiate them. We changed the forums on RS so that their was a new Pending spot under the team, and when people applied they were added to it for a week and 2 events before being placed in the First Team to prove their loyalty.

It was a quickly implemented idea, that worked fairly well. By now we had enough people on the organisational side of the CWL to make this work, the Reserves were even given a seperate forum and a personal CWL member to report to. We tryed to treat the team as equally as possible but obviously the Reserves could not participate in wars etc, which we got around by letting them spectate or play CW with a High Council member. This caused another jump in members and we were up to the highest total ever seen under my reign, the power and affection we had over and for the game was incredible, and things were only getting started.

Now I want to skip back to the present for a little while, now what so far can you even compare to the times of the past. Because people are now getting to be higher levels, they think they can be cocky, if you want respect you respect others in turn. Nowadays people think they can back chat the leader, people think they deserve OP in IRC, people think that they can play around the CWL, and for what reason? Due to they are now a higher level - but the fact is nothing has changed. The people that act like this have ruined the former glory and ambition of the Legends, and whos the blame, I'll let you decide.

The famous duel arena event.

"Now I dont know how many of you will remember this event, but it was an idea I had when times started to get a little harder, members wernt showing to meetings, or were showing up not properly equipt - members wernt active on forums and I needed something to give the Legends back a spark - much like needed today.

I gathered the High Council, mostly made up of the original CWE members, and we sat down on the Castle Wars Wall together trying desperately to come up with an idea so we didnt lose the team. It hit me, why not spread the events from Castle Wars, of course we would still be CW team, but why not venture out? I started on the idea imediately and posted the foundations to afew events; "Snowball Fight, and the Duel Arena Event". It took minutes for everyone online to be informed of the events and I planned them insted of having a Castle Wars event fornightly.

The response was exactly what we had aimed for, as a High Council we had breathed new life back into the team, and the madness that took place when I opened the first 30mins to Castle Wars Legends vs The World, was unwordable. Hundreds of people from 64, and further acast lined up to take part in the event, it took me the best part of 2 days to completely the fighting roster and we were set. "FIGHT 1 - ", "FIGHT 2 - ". Fights went on deep into the night, considering the event started at midnight GMT and I didnt get to sleep on that night until gone Midday. People began to drop, and finally the last few were on the list, surround by hundreds of chanting CWL, it was absolutely fucked up! I cant remember to this day who the winner was, but I revealed their prize, and we hit Castle Wars for afew rounds before everyone could no longer keep their eyes open!"

The amount of events this lead to was mad, fighting the KQ with a huge team, snowball fights, Iron Wars, anything! It happened, week in week out the CWL was given something new to pick at, and even if the event was not liked, CW was only a duel ring away and its something we could all do together at any time.

I understand that nowadays CW is ruined, a team cannot get into the same team unless fighting a rival, or large group of random people, so teams are split, and teams must fight against eachother; and beacause pride is such a huge part of todays Runescape people fell out, people quit. I know for a fact that it still happens today thanks to a duely performance from Cheeseboy, but in the old days, it just didnt happen.

Castle Wars was a place to fight next to your friends, next to your team in the knowing comfort that you wont lose your items, it was a place to plan tactical and strategic play and watch it unfold, and most of all a place to spread the name of the legends. Heck Castle Wars was the heart of the team, we would die for eachother. The amount of people that must have joined CWL because they were killed by them must have been huge, and I'm sure some of the older members today joined because of that very reason.

Castle Wars Legends vs Zamorak Mercenaries.
(Capped 20)

The last and greatest event ever to take place for the Castle Wars legends happened winter last year, of course the Z-Merc and CWL had met many previous times and had forged a strong team alliance, but the inital fight for power between Redces and Demonsz was always looming. At this point in time, Redces's soldiers had never defeated the Legends, but this was the first time they had met at the recent update; Fight Pits.

My memory fades to this day but this one night stands out, the night I found my true leadership skill, and the night I was most proud of the team Swordkill had created, the story unveals.

6.00pm GMT, Friday (1 Week until the showdown); Planning is already heavily underway for the War, I have regular meetings with the High Council and keep the Combat level sheet tight, in afew days I knew I had to pick 20 of the best fighters from my team. I took into account everything from Combat level, to personality, to fighting style, and general activeness. It was late a couple of days before when I posted the team on the old invision CWL forums, and the RS forums, with 20 of CWL finest warriors, and 5 reserves; 4 of which were used in the fight. I had to give the team an even run, I knew our combat average far outweighed that of Z-Merc, but that didnt come into account when the war is capped, I took anything from pures at level 79 to lords at 125.

Midnight GMT, Wednesday (2 Nights until the showdown); I needed some time on RS to take my mind of things before the war, I hopped to an old world favourite; which I think was 60?, and went to play Castle Wars whilst hunting down items for the war on the forums. I was with afew friends but we wern't really playing seriously since we were not on our home world. Half way through the game I run into old friends; now some of you know and dont know the reason that our war was crashed, and this is it, Dooney and Rock faced me, with Rya and Jbjfan running up, it was completely silent in a field of battle. They announced about there team, and went on about how they had found out about the Legends war tomorrow, I warned them off and though nothing else of it, little did I know that this was the start of the rebel.

11.00 GMT, Friday ( D-Day ); I had logged off for an hour to calm myself down, all the hype from the War was burning, my fingers already hurt from typing as the team started to assemble at Falador House. 50+ had already arrived with more planned to be coming, Angelus was running frantically back and forth making sure everyone was wearing the correct cape (Blue for First Squad), (Red for Second Squad), and (Yellow for spectators). Hundreds of people gathering, the screen was so flooded I remember setting up a headset and logging onto Teamspeak, Un H0ly and afew others spoke for a while before the war, in fact we did most the organising in person!

I asked Stizz to come especially even though he hated the team at the time, and myself. I explained the situation and he agreed to come, which was the start of Stizz's formal role at the Legends. The room split into halfs, the spectators on one side and the reserves+first squad on the other, all the capes lit up the room and there are still hundreds of screen shots of this on the old forum, I stepped up to the front of the team with afew members of the High Council at my side.

Each member of the Legends got to have their say, everyone got motivated and ready for the fight, and we left to Castle Wars. The spectators were ordered straight to the Fight Pits so a non-public War run could be laid out, I sat on the end of the wall, spoke to afew Council members over the Teamspeak and then typed the action plan out over Runescape, the team spent another 20minutes adding suggestions and improvements, which were all taken into account and with 10minutes remaining I gave the order to march for the Pits.

As we arrived something didnt feel right, but I lead the Legends to the bank were Z-Merc were waiting, both teams lined up against eachother and shared words, then we lined up and marched downwards, the amount of spaming from both teams was unbelievable; the atmosphere was well and truely built and you could feel the tension and nerves.

Alot of the Mercs complained that the CWL had more than 20 people in there, but it could easier been due to spectators getting joined into the fight, and the fact there was so much spamming the fight was hard to direct, I turned to the team and span the camara around, standing on my own after fighting off afew lower levels, we were winning the first round. As I ran over to help I was bombarded, after hanging on for as long as I could and doing as much damage as possible I went down, to a huge cheer in the spectators and indeed; the CWL reserves!

After a long talk with Redces after the first round we agree'd to void it due to the fact that I had 23 Legends on the battlegrounds.
The next two rounds showed only the most inspiring fighting from the Legends, they each added new meaning the the words Teamwork and each seemed to burn with the desire to win, and push further the Castle Wars Legends name. It was 2-0 in a best out of 3, I banked all my items and went straight out with food, I know that they would try and jump me first as they did in each round before. As soon as the fight started the whole screen flooded with "ZM ON DEMONSZ", it was completely insane, and impossible to rebel so many people and I was killed in each round, apart from the last..

1.30am GMT, Saturday (The Final Round?); Things were going great, 2-0 up and already Z-Mercs confidence was obviously knocked, after each round the Legends had gracefully flaunted the fact that they had won, and were in until kicked out for the second round. Something changed, my PM chat was flooded with people shouting on Demonsz, which I thought were just spectators or Z-Merc - until a closer look at the usernames showed me it was Dooney and his clan.

I quickly got every CWL and MERC member out of the pit and too the bank, and PM'd everyone to invite their friends, even though they didnt yet no why. As people started arriving I gave some people specific roles to hand out blue capes, I came to an agreement with Redces and in the space of 5 minutes the CWL High Council was in control of around 70 Legends, 40 Mercs and 100+ friends and spectators, the caves were a field of blue capes and spam.

Dooney's team were not alone, they came with a ally clan and there was fucking loads of them, I dragged the max ops lag machine down to the pits and the fight was on - The first round was the most unreal experience of my life, I kept all my weapons quick and used each special to full potential, every Merc and Legend was fighting not only for team respect, but for their own ground; World 64.

The Castle Wars Legends vs Nova

What a great stand for the CWL, after all the slating that has been said and done throughout the team, this event really brought back the soul. Even members that had quit and came to the event have now joined! I can't say much about this as I wasn't actually their fighting myself, although from what I've heard it was a great war, of which CWL won 1-0.

I have afew pictures about the war to upload, can any one with more pictures or accounts of the war please get those to me - easiest way would be to post these on the bottom of this thread.

SO now to today, the 09th June, what do you see of the Castle Wars Legends that I lead? What if anything can you compare of todays team to the old one. Well now Stizz, Chadwick, Spike, Scott and myself have come up with a behind the scences team plan to sort things out. New ranks will be enforced, and this includes the IRC chat, i mean who really deserves any more rights than Voice? A whole new team list, rule policy and general history has been written. With each day that passes the selected few who have these documents can keep an eye on everything and hopefully use it to the greater good.

WHY? Does someone like me, a outsider have to come in and ruin things. Simple answer; I cant sit here and watch people, and the team fall apart. Even if you dont admit to what is happening right now it is right before your eyes. I have been through everything with the Legends and now I've written a stone organisational document, it should be easier for positions to be kept hold of, for meetings and events to be planned and for general ease of the admin.

The forum is currantly being updated by Chad, and I will be there to support any of the members who are going to get involved with this Final Stand, as much as they need it. Good luck, especially to those CWL who have gotten themselves involved and my boy Steve.

"We fight for eachother, we die for eachother, The Castle Wars Legends, The Castle Wars Elite, the most dominate teams of their time. I am proud to have represented them both, and so should any one who has done the same. The Legend will always be a part of anyone from the team, and will always be their as one of the best memories from the dying tradition. "The friendships, the alliances, the bad times, the good. The pain, the hatred, the dominance, we stood. Through glory, though defeat, through ups and downs. The Legends, the Elites, the best they are Crowned".

P.S (by me dan) mizen, if you still have it, post the pic of one of our meetings at fally mansion.
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