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(!) This board is no longer active please join us in the new '07 CWC: http://w11.zetaboards.com/cwc2007/

CWC Rules
Upon registering an account on these forums you agree to follow all of the rules listed bellow, breaking any of these forum rules will result in action taken against your account.

1. No spamming, if your posts are unrelated to the topic of the thread or forum they will be deleted.

2. Flaming in any form or shape that can be categorized as extremely serious or as offensive behaviour which can cause arguments and fights is forbidden. These offences include, but are not limited to, the following: personal, sexual, national, religious and IRL ("in real life") related attacks. If someone is acting offensive towards you use the report button located above the offensive post to report it to the moderators.

3. Do not bump old/inactive topics unless your post is relevant to the topics subject and the thread is possible to make active again. This rule specifically applies to the news and war forums.

4. Use of prohibited content including anything that even remotely resembles racism, violence, child pornography, or pornography in general in your posts, avatar or signature is forbidden.

5. Harming other users of these forums in forms of DDoS'ing, hacking, scamming, keylogging, linking to fake sites and other harmful attempts are forbidden. Threats of this nature will also be taken seriously and action will be taken against you and your account.

6. You are not allowed to act in a disrespectful way towards any of the CWC staff members. This includes anything from personal harassments to acting offensive towards them because of an action taken by the staff member (deletion of posts, any kind of ban or right removals, editing posts and etc.), if you have a complaint about a staff member please contact an admin.

7. You are not allowed to account share on our forums due to rigged voting situations, attempting to get around a current ban or mute or other situations that may arise. If caught for account sharing disciplinary action will be taken upon both accounts (if you already have one).

8. You are not allowed to purposely act in a way that will cause a disturbance or general disapproval within the community. This extends to any type of .swf, music, etc.

We have the right to change these rules at any time and if we do we will make sure to inform you of the changes.

Forum warnings
In case of breaking any of the rules above admins and moderators have the right to suspend your account. In most cases temporary bans and/or removal of posting rights are the actions that will be taken against your account, for serious offences you will have a mark set on your account in type of a forum warning. Bellow is a list on how your account will be affected depending on your warn level:

10% = 1 day suspension
20% = 2 days suspension
30% = 3 days suspension
40% = 5 days suspension
50% = 7 days suspension
60% = 14 days suspension
70% = 28 days suspension
80% = 60 days suspension
90% = 90 days suspension
100% = Permanent ban

Every time you receive a forum warning you will be able to see it inside your mini-profile where it says Warn Level: #%. If you have been warned you'll be able to see when, by who and why upon click on View Warnings, inside this page all you personal warn details are shown and only you and the forum staff are able to view them.

Our moderators follow a moderating guideline which applies to all moderators, so your level of offence is judged by this guideline. If you believe you have been treated unfairly by one of our moderators you may send in your appeal (in form of PM) to an admin who will look into the situation more deeply and returns to you with a final decision.
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