Board Rules
The following rules are to be followed at all times while being a part of Burning Creation.

1. Respect - Be aware of the people around you and how your actions may effect them. Be considerate of their feelings and wishes. This includes everything from any form of harassment to foul language and even mature content. If you are knowingly making some one uncomfortable even after being asked to stop, you will be subject to a strike as is seen fit.

2. Harassment/Flaming - Any form of harassment, be it sexual, verbal, threatening, or what have you will not be tolerated. Upon joining and being a member of the Burning Creation community you will be expected to maintain a mature and positive attitude towards not only your peers but the general public as well. Being a member of this community means that you are a representative for the people here thus you will mind your attitude and keep a cool composure. If you are having a problem with another member contact a staff member as soon as possible.

3. Forum Accounts/ Usage - Do not register multiple forum accounts or give out your forums password. If you are having an issue with your forums account please contact the tech admin as soon as possible. If you have forgotten your password use the password recovery feature or speak to the tech admin to have your password reset. In order to keep your account in the active user data base you need to browse and reply to multiple threads each week. In the event that your account has gone more than a month without making a board post, your account will be deleted without warning. If you suspect that your account has been hacked please speak with the tech admin as soon as possible.

4. Teamspeak/Irc Usage - You will be expected to have both of these programs to be an active part of our community. While using them you are a representative of not only yourself but the community as well. While using these programs you are expected to maintain a calm and collect attitude, follow all community rules, be respectful of other peoples privacy and conversations.

5. Jagex Rules - You are expected to follow all Jagex rules while being a member of our community. If we do not give Jagex a reason to be upset with us we can co-exist in peace. If your account is muted or banned you will be expected to provide screen shots to the Burning Creation staff. Depending on the offense you may receive an additional strike for your poor behavior. In the event that your account is hacked, you will need to contact a staff member as soon as possible.


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