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Recent Sample forum - Hell on wheels by cushtxlady

This episode was kind of slow I thought. Mei and Cullen are trying to take Taoís body home but run into detours until at last they end up burying him themselves. A truly beautiful send off for him. Cullen told Mei that he lost his wife and son but I wasnít sure which wife and son he was talking about. They ones who were killed by union soldiers or the ones he has lost touch with. He is still married as far as I know and has become much to righteous to begin any kind of relationship with Mei. So far he hasnít but it almost looks like that is where they ar headed. Unless I missed something and his newest wife and child are dead too. Do we know what happened to them?

I think Louise lost the child she was carrying and I have no idea who the father of that child would be. Eva told Young that she is Mormon. That she was with her family traveling to Salt Lake when the Indians attacked. Is that true? Anyway, he seemed to buy it and maybe that is what happened.

Brigham Young demands payment from Durant or he will pull the workers. I think that Young ordered them to leave and now Phineas seems ready to take his stand to replace his father. Thanks to the Swede that is. Now the Swede is convincing Phineas to hunt down that bunch of Mormons that know the truth about the Swede so they can be killed. What a plan.

I just had some questions about this episode so maybe some of you that watched it can fill in those blanks.

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