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Recent Sample forum - Susie's Snarky Snippetsl

Supernatural 10.22, The Prisoner

Just so we’re clear, if you are a nasty bully being followed by the lunatic cousin of your victim, it’s probably best not to leave the crowded sidewalk and head into a frigging DESERTED ALLEY. Where’s my Dumbass branding iron. Not feeling too sorry for little Thuggy. But jeeminy, those Stynes are not the Cleavers, are they?

Sam lets Rowena be the boss of him and heads off to kill Crowley. It goes about as well as we could expect. Crowley jumps back into full King of Hell Demon mode and laughs in the face of Rowena’s pitiful hex bag. I have to say, I was feeling a little anxious. I did not want to say goodbye to Charlie AND Crowley, opposite end of the good and evil spectrum as they are.

Dean actually warns the Stynes not to kill him because the mark will not let him die. They are as compassionate as the Taliban and go to play Operation on him but Dean and the mark break out of restraints and wipe out the evil surgical team, while the other Stynes break into the bunker. I’m surprised it was that easy for them to get into. No booby traps? Not even ONE?? Men of Letters security FAIL.

Things don’t go so well for the Stynes at the bunker. I do believe that family line may have finally come to its end. Dean even killed the boy, no comic relief in this one. SHEESH. At least the bunker survived.

Dean takes exception to Cas’s counsel and beats the crap out of him. Seems like Cas could have thrown a lighting bolt or something, but he does nothing to defend himself. After Dean wasted that poor kid, I pretty much expected him to end Cas. But he lets him live, for the moment.

One more episode left and a whole lot of really bad juju going down that doesn’t seem fixable in that short time.

I think we all need a little Kumbaya right about now.

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