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Recent Sample forum - Big Brother - LIVE by Reality Bites

Good, LIVE Show

Well, the show WAS live according to all reports. Audrey had come to terms with her fate after a few loooooong talks with the DR. She went out okay with minimal snark.

Julie did make sure she acknowledged how good everyone had been to her in the house about being transgender and they showed her very loving, accepting family.

A lot of the rumors posted in yesterday's blog apparently were threats being used to get compliance. Audrey was told she would be cut off from the media and paid off to stay quiet if she didn't cooperate. She did.


JULIE WATCH - She was in all her 70s splendor last night. Side ponytail, long black jumpsuit. She had her Elizabeth Taylor jewels on her right arm and ears and the bargain bin dollar store bracelets on her left arm complete with tacky feather. Interesting combo.


The show opened the door and let us all see the six hour Audrey ordeal complete with zombie walking around the house and hiding in the have not room.

SPEAKING OF WHICH there was no doctor request that she not be a have not after all. She was given an eviction penalty point for not staying on the have not diet.

I did have a few concerns last night with the facial expressions before Audrey got to talk. She looked ticked off and irritated and I thought she might act out. There was definitely no mass hugging on her way out of the house.

But in the end she did well and I was left with the feeling once again this season that while we have the liars and manipulators and usual group trying to win - basically this is a nice group of people. I saw very little but concern for Audrey, genuine concern for her well-being, by the end.

What a nice change.

Austin, well, he is beyond in trouble. I don't know if anything can derail the plans to get him out of the house. It will be interesting to see.


We have TWO women HOH again, Jackie!!!!of all people and Vanessa. It could be a fun week coming up!

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