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Recent Sample forum - So You Think You Can Dance

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So You Think You Can Dance
Season 12
Episode 12.05
Vegas Callbacks - No. 1

Host: Cat Deeley

Nigel Lythgoe
Paula Abdul
Jason Derulo

Hey Dance Fans:
:cancan :featherdancer :feelgood :dancingfool :happydancsmil :yipeedance :hatdancer

This was the first paragraph on the TV Line's website for their SYTYCD blog, that they posted last week:

We’re pretty early into So You Think You Can Dance‘s 12th season, and yet I’m thinking we’re already overdue for a Change.org petition banning neophyte judge Jason Derulo from uttering any variation of his utterly meaningless go-to critique: “I was there for it.” “I was in there with you.” “I was in.” “I was all there for it.” I was… about to press my index fingers so deeply into my eardrums that I’d never endure the “Talk Dirty” singer’s limited vocabulary again?

I'm hoping that with tonight being the first of the Vegas Callback shows, we'll see and hear less of Jason tonight and more from the Team Captains and choreographers.

The Team Captain for the Stage dancers is Travis Wall . His team included dancers who are the classically-trained dancers in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom, Tap, etc. Besides Travis, his team also worked with choreographers Sonya Tayeh and Josh Bergasse .

The Team Captain for the Street dancers is Stephen "tWitch" Boss . His team included dancers who are usually self-taught in Hip-Hop, Animation, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Stepping, Freestyle, etc. His team also worked with choreographers Dave Scott, Jamal Sims, Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo, aka Nappy Tabs.

tWitch remarked on his journey, since he competed on SYTYCD and was the runner-up in Season 4. He's part of the cast in the new "Magic Mike XXL" movie, that's coming out this summer. He also met future wife Allison Holker through this show and is a featured guest DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That's not too shabby.

During Vegas Week, the Stage and Street dancers competed separately. They were put through their paces, in order to see if they could pick up choreography, were strong-enough to compete both physically and mentally, and had that sparkle. Next week, the Top 20, 10 Stage and 10 Street dancers, will be chosen. Each dancer had one minute to perform a solo, in order to remind the judges of what they could do. Their respective Team Captain joined the judges on the judging panel. If they wowed the judges, they advanced to the choreography rounds. If they didn't, they were sent home.

Cody Carlson, Jason's fabulous and special guest, enjoyed all of the festivities of being in Vegas.

Since there were a lot of names thrown about, I did the best that I could capturing them and listing their dance genre. I'm pretty sure I misspelled some names and missed some details. :question-marks :question-marks



Marissa Mirelle (Contemporary) and 9 other dancers performed their solos, without any feedback. After each group performed, they were notified as to whether or not they made it to the next round. Jason, Sasha and Amanda were cut. Marissa and 6 other dancers advanced to the next round. Also advancing were Darion Flores (Ballet), Gabby Diaz (Tap) and Derek Piouette (Contemporary).

After seeing a montage of fabulous Stage dancers performing their solos, Kelly MacCoy-Noll (Contemporary) was up next. She was one of the dancers that some of us felt iffy about her going to Vegas. She came with her fiancé, Tyrell Noll (Freestyle-Animation), who also received an iffy ticket to Vegas, too. In my Detroit Audition Blog, I wrote,
"Anyone want to place bets to see if they get married while they're there?"
Well, guess what? They got hitched the day before. And by an Elvis impersonator, no less. While Kelly performed, the judges gushed about how terrific she was. Tori and Brooke were cut this round. Kelly and 7 other dancers advanced to the next round. During the Solo Rounds, 47 Stage dancers were cut.


Travis Wall Choreography - Contemporary

Travis Wall, being the first choreographer of this round, told the remaining dancers that during this round, they must connect to the music, connect to the movement and make the judges feel something. Antonina Skobida (Latin Ballroom) and Kelsey Rose Young (Tap) were in the first group performing Travis' choreography. Although Antonina made it through this part, sadly our fabulous tapper, Kelsey Rose was cut. Mary Kate Levoir (Jazz), Gabby Diaz (Tap) and Denys (Latin Ballroom), Marissa and Kelly MacCoy-Noll all nailed the choreography. Three dancers did poorly during this round, but due to the strength of their solos, were given another chance and advanced to the next round. At the end of the first Choreography Round, 16 Stage dancers were cut. Jacy Jordan (Contemporary), who had that horrific left leg injury, wasn't strong enough to get through this round.

Josh Bergasse Choreography - Broadway

In this round, the choreographer Josh Bergasse (On The Town), wanted them to utilize this round to not only learn the ball-chain steps, but to allow their personality to shine. Allen Genkin (Ballroom), the dancer who survived testicular cancer, was struggling and hurt his foot, too. He ended up going to the hospital. Due to a foot tear, he was cut. Ryan Raffloer (Latin Ballroom), Alyssa Guerrieri (Contemporary) and Kelly MacCoy-Noll were in the first group. Kelly lost her timing during her performance and was the only one that was cut in her group. Making the cut were Gabby, Peyton, Denys and Ashley. Jordan missed the cut. Edson Juarez (Contemporary), had issues with his leg, as it locked up during his performance. Because he was so strong in his rehearsals, the judges allowed him to pass to the next round. Moises Parra (Contemporary), Guillermo Morales (Contemporary), Brandon Armstrong (Latin Ballroom) and Kate Harpootlian (Contemporary) were featured. Kate, Megan and Brandon made the cut. Guillermo was lost, couldn't perform the choreography and was cut. Moises was given a chance to perform a solo to dance for his life. His issue was lack of connection with his partner. Due to the strength of his solo, Moises made the cut. A total of 36 dancers made it to the next round.



Tyrell Noll (Freestyle-Animation), our resident newlywed, was one of the first Street dancers who performed their solo. His solo was lame and a bit childish. He was the only one from his group that was cut. Also cut later on were Michael "Dat Be Dancin'" Manson and Courtney Barnes. Alan, Jessica and Megz made it to the next round. Yorelis Apolinario (Freestyle-Animation) auditioned last season and had made it the callbacks. She was cut during the Hip-Hop rounds. This season, she made quite the impression, as Jason leered and tWitch swooned. Yorelis and 4 other dancers advanced to the choreography rounds. Lamar, Michael, Briana, Kareem "Anointed" Ali (All-Style Spiritual Vibration) and Roydell Shannon (Krumping), Bam Bam's father, were all cut. Justin Ballasy (Tap), Boris from the Dragon House fame and a slew of fabulous Street dancers all advanced, too.

Kenya "Standing O" Sutton (Animation), the self-titled Queen of Detroit, was the last Street dancer to perform. The night before, her nerves got the best of her and she suffered a panic attack. She showed true showmanship and danced an amazing solo, full of personality and pizzazz. tWitch said that his team might be filled with female dancers, as they were amazing! :cancan :featherdancer A total of 61 Street dancers advanced to the next round.


Jamal Sims' Choreography - Basic Hip-Hop

Jamal Sims, the choreographer for all of the "Step Up" movies, gave the Street dancers their first taste at performing his choreography. It was apparent that many of the Street dancers weren't use to doing someone else's choreography and were struggling. The guys seemed to struggle the most. Asaf Goren (Hebrew Breaking) was really frustrated. Those that advanced were James, Virgil Gadson, B-Dash, Baby Tight Eyez and Dizzy. Those that were cut were Eliazar Chapman, who was able to make enough money to move him and his father out of the shelter, Slick, Andre Rucker from Dragon House and Korey Cleveland, the recovering addict. The good news is that Korey has stayed cleaned for 90 days. :bravo

Montrell Britton and Lil' B couldn't remember the choreography and did their own thing. Needless to say, they were cut, too. Maybe. Lil' B was given another chance to dance by himself. He still didn't do the choreography he was taught, so he was cut, again. Megz, Lilly and Jessica danced in the following group. All of them, plus Ladia Yeats (Jooker), Marie Poppins (Popping) and Kenya "Standing O" Sutton, also advanced. Samantha Reyes (Freestyle), the young lady who's taking care of her family in the Bronx, was really struggling with the steps. tWitch told her she was brave and shouldn't let fear rule her. Samantha, Yorelis and JaJa were in the same group. Frankie, JaJa and Yorelis made the cut. Sadly, Samantha couldn't get it together and was cut, along with Vishonda. Nigel warned them that many of them had just made it through this round, due to the judges being extremely lenient. The remaining 47 dancers would have to really bring it during the next round.

Dave Scott Choreography - Popping and Locking

Dave Scott, who's choreographed "Stomp The Yard" and "You've Got Served", was assisted by tWitch in teaching the Street dancers their next moves. B-Dash (Krumping), Jessica Rabone (Freestyle) and Alain "Hurrikane" Lauture (Locking) were a part of the first group to perform. All of them made it to the next round. Also making the cut were Christopher, Kenya Sutton, Boris and Yorelis. Bi "B1" Jusefi, one the dancing brothers (Breaking), was in the next group. Bi "B1" wasn't strong enough in the group number, but was given a chance to dance for his life. Illijaz Jusefi (Breaking), Bi "B1"'s brother and Steven Ban (Animator) were a part of the next group. While Illijaz was cut, Steven was given a chance to dance for his life. During their solos, Bi "B1" made the cut, while Steven was cut. His solo wasn't strong enough to save him. Paula was the only judge who gave him a "yes" vote.

Next week will be the remaining choreography rounds, including the dreaded "Group Round". :bluescare

Finally, the Top 20 are selected.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts were concerning the Vegas Callbacks format, separate competitions for the Stage and Street dancers, Team Captains, dancers, judging and choreography/choreographers. Are there any dancers who got lucky and any dancers you're going to miss?

Since there was a lot to process, please feel free to pick-and-choose whatever you wish to critique or comment about.

Take care and God bless. :angelhug :angelhug

Smooches, :kissy


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