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Sample forum - Hawaii 5-0 6:2 - Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes) by Susie/Coug

Someone is bomb happy. They want Jason Du Clair, an arsonist, to be release from prison. But heís in a straightjacket in prison so probably isnít directly involved, Iím thinking.

Adam is ALIVE, I am in my happy place. And heís home with Kono recuperating, but they are being stalked, probably by the Yakusa. Not cool.

Danny and Steve have a cargument over Jerry and an office at 5-0. Danny thinks if Jerry gets an office, heíll expect a badge. Anything that gets Jerry more screen time I am down with.

Tim Richards is a Jason du Clair worshipper. But he says he is a sort of Cyrano of arsonists. Heís not the guy.

Andre Trout seems to be du Clairís little accomplice. Kind of a scary looking kid, yet appropriate for a low life murderer.

Du Clair walks free in the middle of nowhere in his little orange onesie. But itís quickly realized that Trout wants to kill Du Clair for the fame, not free him. For living in Hawaii, Trout does not apparently hit the beach much. That is one pasty dude.

Trout shoots Du Clair, but before he can barbecue him, Danny and Steve return. Two guys with guns canít seem to catch one wimp with a gun and an unarmed, gasoline covered, gunshot wounded convict in a bright orange jumpsuit.

Du Clair invites Steve to dinner at a fancy restaurant, bleeding leg and all. Freedom is his prison, he says, so he gives himself up and sends Steve to the PO box that had been used as a return address on the mail Du Clair got from Trout in prison. Hope and I both were sure a head was going to be in there. It was a head- sized box, right?? But it was a jar of ashes. We are to assume it is Trout. Buh-bye, looney serial bomber crazypants murderer. It should be good and hot where you went.

Kono again accosts the guys outside there out in the car, but this time they are dead. What the what??

Proposal watch: Didnít happen. Maybe next week. There was a nice little scene where Catherine said there is nowhere she would rather be, so maybe she is ready to settle down. To be continuedÖ

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