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Sample forum - Supernatural by Coug/Susie

11:22 We Happy Few

Through some intense therapy, Chuck and Lucifer seemed to have buried the hatchet. There arenít archangels available to help with the overthrow of Amara. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Enter Crowley and Rowena.

Well darn, Amara sucks the bunker location from Prophet Donatello and she is on the warpath. But everyone is currently in hell on the Team Kill Amara recruiting trip, so nobodyís home.

They are to all join together to weaken Amara, then Chuck will take the mark from her. But someone has to receive the mark after that, and Sam has to be the one. Wait, what? Canít we put this to a vote. I am not a fan of this plan.

Rowena and her witch friends are the first wave. It doesnít go well for the friends. Demons are the second wave, smoking all around her, Crowley joins in and Amara is definitely looking a bit worn. Casifer spears her through the middle.

Chuck apologizes to Amara, but she isnít having it. She blames Godís ego for putting her away. He takes the mark from her and starts to put it on Sam but Amara is all ďHELL no!!Ē and holds Chuck up in the air while black smoke stabs through him. Wow, this whole plan went sideways really fast.

Amara is really pissed. She says God is dying, but not before he sees her turn everything he created to ash. All right guys, now this involves me. I do NOT look good in ash. Somebody FIX THIS.

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