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Recent Sample forum - The Voice

The Voice - Season 8
The Knock-Out Rounds - Part 2
Tuesday/Episode 8.10


Here's Part 2 of the Knock-Out Rounds. Monday night's blog is listed below.

Blake and Christina each have their steal left.

Nate Ruess, lead singer-songwriter of the band, Fun, acted as the celebrity mentor for all of the coaches and their teams. So far, he's been a breath of fresh, fun air. :smellflower


Battle Mates: Deanna Johnson vs Blaze Johnson

Adam paired these two together, because they both have very unique voices. He wanted to see which one of them would shine through.

Blaze chose "You Found Me" by The Fray, because he wanted to reflect his desire to sing Pop/Rock, with a little soul thrown in there. Adam loved the purity of Blaze's lower register. Nate said that Blaze could hit the high notes, but he was pitchy. Plus, Blaze needed to work on connecting with this song, make us feel something, not just present something.

Deanna chose "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette, because she wanted to showcase her range. Adam felt that her voice is so distinct. Nate said she has a uniqueness, but her nervousness was making him nervous. Adam advised her to practice singing this song, by closing her eyes, in order for her to gain her confidence.

Blaze sounded great when he was singing in his lower register. It was smoky and enticing. When he went up to his higher register, you could hear his vocals strain, his voice broke and he was pitchy. Deanna has a hypnotic tone to her vocals, a lovely vibrato and showcased her vocal range nicely. She just needed to work on her nerves and some minor pitch issues.

Adam chose Deanna Johnson, because she's unique and he believes in her.

None of the coaches chose to steal Blaze Johnson.


Battle Mates: Corey Kent White vs Cody Wickline

Blake paired these two together, because they're his younger, Country singers.

Corey chose "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw, because he felt an emotional connection to this song, as his paternal grandfather is fighting for his life. Blake loved when Corey's voice shredded, but he needed to watch his breathing, which caused him to have pitch issues. Nate felt that Corey exuded confidence, but he needed to practice his transitions.

Cody chose "Til My Last Day" by Justin Moore, because he wanted to define himself as a modern Country artist, but also be true to his Country roots. Nate felt that Cody's vocals were authentic and clear. Blake felt that Cody needed to watch throwing in those growls, which could be mistaken for him trying to disguise something.

Cody has that outlaw-Country look. He has a smoky tone, sang with authority, but fell out of the pocket a couple of times. Corey has that Country twang in his vocals. He poured everything into his emotional performance.

Blake chose Corey Kent White, because he took his real-life situation and turned it into art.

None of the other coaches chose to steal Cody Wickline. It's too bad, because he has something special, too. It sounded as if Blake promised to send him an e-mail, which is good news for Cody. :bounce015


Christina didn't have any battles aired tonight. :headno


Battle Mates: Caitlin Caporale vs Hannah Kirby

Pharrell paired them together, because they're both powerhouse singers. He wanted to see which one of them would make the audience feel something.

Hannah chose "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood, because she wanted to showcase her versatility by singing a more upbeat song. Nate advised Hannah have an arc to her performance and to save something for the end of the song, as she was singing at full blast. Pharrell told her to treat the song like a kite. Let the wind take it, and go.

Caitlin chose "Warrior" by Demi Lovato, because she felt that a ballad is her strong suit and she related to the lyrics of this song. Caitlin sang well, but hit a wild note. Pharrell said it was because she was tense and doubting herself. She needed to let it go and not be too controlling. Nate said that she has a dynamic voice, but she needed to feel what she's singing about.

Hannah has a great, dynamic voice, but her stage presence is like a lion, stalking her prey. Caitlin also has a dynamic voice, but showed more light-and-shade in her performance. She showcase her higher register in a delicate and powerful way.

Pharrell chose Caitlin Caporale, because she was consistent in who she is and he felt that they have more work to do.

Blake utilize his steal to steal Hannah Kirby back. :evil3 Blake realized he made a mistake in letting her go and wanted her back, dearly.

Contestants going to the Live Rounds are:

Team Adam: Nathan Hermida, Brian Johnson (Steal), Deanna Johnson

Team Blake: Hannah Kirby (Steal), Meghan Linsey, Sarah Potenza, Corey Kent White

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole, Sonic

Team Pharrell: Caitlin Caporale, Sawyer Fredericks, Koryn Hawthorne (Steal), Mia Z.

Contestants going home are:

Team Adam: Blaze Johnson, Clinton Washington

Team Blake: Travis Ewing, Cody Wickline

Team Christina: Ashley Morgan

Team Pharrell: Paul Pfau, Anthony Riley (Withdrew)

Christina is the only coach left with "The Steal".

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