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Recent Sample forum - Supernatural

Charlie’s back, Charlie’s back!! She has found a special, disgusting book made of a nun’s skin or some such ish but if they can decode it, there might be a cure for Dean’s curse. Dean and Sam join her, but even the nerd herd admit cracking it could be a problem. “The Bletchley Circle couldn’t decode this thing!” Oh my, I have so much love for Charlie right now.

Cas and Metatron are off on the road trip to find Cas’s grace. It’s not going well. Cas calls Sam, “Can I kill him? I want to kill him.” Sam says no, which actually turns out lucky as Metatron saves Cas from a cranky cupid. Cas is not overly grateful. “This changes nothing.” Metatron gets orgasmic over waffles. I can’t say I blame him. They do look super good.

The book is calling to Dean, and not in a good way. He wants Sam and Charlie to stop trying to translate it. Using it will be very bad juju. Sam wants to find the cure and deal with the consequences later. Yes, trading one mess for another is always such a great idea.

To the surprise of I’m sure no one, Metatron incapacitates Cas and recovers the demon tablet.

Jacob Stein is the new bad in town. He is after the book, claims it belongs to his family. Jacob makes a Southern accent sound all kinds of menacing.

Sam has a heart to heart with Charlie, about how Dean saved Sam from dying to close the gates of hell. Sam loves what he does, but he can’t do it without Dean.

Cas gets what’s left of his grace, I guess, but is it just me or do his wings look a little flea bitten?

Dean has a run in at a convenience store with Jacob Stein and his red-shirted henchman. Jacob says the book can remove the Mark, but it would do far more harm than good.

Dean about needs an elephant gun to take down the goon, but he does and gets back to the cabin. Jacob arrives and also seems to have superhuman strength but after many clips of bullets and a bit knife, he is brought down and the book WITH THE CURE is in the fire.

Except it totally ISN’T. Sam switched it out and burned a different book. He enlists the help of Rowena. Oh. HELL. NO.

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