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Recent Sample forum - Hawaii 5-0

5.16, Nanahu (Embers)

Oh, hi there, Melina Kanakarades. I love her! What say we make her a regular? Sad story she lost her husband to this sadistic serial arsonist. That was horrifying when he kidnapped her and doused her with the petroleum. I expected fire to explode when he just flicked the bic, that was very scary.

Danny and Amber are cute together. I was a little shocked, and a lot glad, when she ran her nasty, abusive ex over with the car. I thought it might come up at the end, at least, but no one mentioned it.

Fun golf side story with Steve and Grover, and Michelle Wie!! She did a good acting job. Of course, playing yourself might be a bit of an advantage. And really Steve? You have never heard of her and you are a golfer? I donít golf and Iíve heard of her!! Loved that she was Team McGarrett and Steveís caddy at the tournament.

No Jerry sighting, boo.

Dannyís having PTSD over his brotherís death, dreaming about Marco Reyes. Thatís not good. But if youíre going to have a bad dream, at least have it in a gorgeous yard on Oahu with a stunning view of Rabbit Island. Magnumís house had a view of that island too. I miss Magnum.

Iím glad they stopped Jason, but what the heck was that in the end? He pick pocketed a book of matches from the guard, but why? To set fire to his own cell maybe? Well, why not. It would save the taxpayers millions if he went ahead and offed himself. I am not totally against this plan.

Another good episode!

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